“Kudrick said, also noting that Howell police was the the first police department in the state to deploy crisis interventionists and recovery coaches to the scene of an overdose.”

In all likelihood these “crisis interventionists” and “recovery coaches” are employed by the state at the department of human services.

“A 24-year-old patient at Trenton Psychiatric Hospital died at a Mercer County hospital last week, officials said…Oversight of the hospital was transferred Oct. 1 to the state Department of Health, along with three other state psychiatric hospitals. They had been a Department of Human Services facilities.” 

No further information is provided on the identity of the 24 year old woman who died, or pursuant to a identifying a genuine cause of death, as determined by a forensic pathologist independent of the state of NJ. In all likelihood, this 24 year old woman was murdered.

I have extensive knowledge of the operations within the department of human services in the State of New Jersey, whose facilities fall under the jurisdiction of county government, although one county may not necessarily share information with another or have the same organizational hierarchy.

As such, any and all critical information on the murder of this anonymous 24 year old woman that is still in the custody of the department of human services will be found in this temple of darkness located across from the Lafayette garage in Trenton, NJ:


Kudrick’s “crisis interventionists” and “recovery coaches” are paid and in all likelihood trained by this agency and no other, notwithstanding what county division is identified on their paychecks.

These “crisis interventionists” and “recovery coaches” are often called “screeners” and often occupy the same terminal void of human decency that institutional psychiatric care (not medicine, mind you) is best known for, and these “screeners” constitute the car-borne psychiatric emergency screening service (PESS) who infiltrate and embed within one primary hospital in each county, and who furthermore have begun to do the same in municipal police departments, however it is unclear how many municipalities have a relationship with PESS. It is known, however, that the Howell police department are regarded as the worst of the worst within the state of New Jersey, and Kudrick’s invitation of county government into that municipality has destroyed the families of many good people.

Pursuant to the memory of this 24 year old woman, name unknown, do not ever engage an individual who initiates contact with you from a 4-door Subaru whose license plate begins with the letters “NF” as follows:


They will use the authority of the presence of a police officer to criminally coerce you into their vehicle. There been instances where a screener will abduct a child for the purpose extorting their parents. There are too many horrors to detail herein, although I have had the following information provided to me by an anonymous individual from within the five-eyes intelligence apparatus of the United Kingdom:

The 24 year old woman who was murdered in Trenton psychiatric hospital on the alleged date of October 5, 2017 had been abducted by a “screener” named Katie Robertson and one male individual whose identity remains unknown.

Robertson and her male accomplice trafficked the woman to the Trenton psychiatric facility, where she was involuntarily committed for allegedly behaving “agitated, hostile and paranoid,” however these term were never defined nor explained in any document aside from an admission report. There are no known extant police reports, medical or psychiatric records available at this time.

The 24 year old woman was transported from Trenton psychiatric by white van with sheriff’s department markings in broad daylight and taken to a location in Trenton formerly occupied by the Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office no less than 3 times in the month preceding her death, located behind this door:

not the prosecutors office

In the space behind this door, the anonymous 24-year old woman was bound in mechanical restraints for 48 hours and gang raped at periodic intervals. These heinous crimes were recorded by a female individual identified as “Kane” and then distributed in both hard-copy and via the TOR network to the deep web by a male individual identified as “Quinn”.

It is believed the 24-year old woman did not speak English and may have been visiting The United States on a tourist visa, however genuine information pursuant to her identity is entirely absent aside from that she had blonde hair and blue eyes.

The remains of the 24-year old woman were recovered from a basement annex within the Trenton psychiatric hospital. Her remains were found in part because she had been dismembered, and her head was cut off from her body while she was still alive. There is  a video recording of this crime, made by a male individual identified as “Porcello”, and at the present time remains in the possession of the intelligence apparatus of the United Kingdom.

Until such time that the complete record of her murder is released by the State of New Jersey, and those responsible are arrested, jailed, prosecuted and executed, let it be known that a timer has begun upon publication of this text you read herein, and if no action is taken, upon the 34th day subsequent to this publication, that video will be released in both hard-copy and made freely available to anonymous and undetectable parties online such that the public may identify the criminals who committed this unspeakably heinous act.

I PROMIS you that.