In the beginning was CHAOS. Chaos wedded NIGHT. From them sprang the HEAVEN and the EARTH. The Heaven was URANUS; the Earth, GAEA. Uranus succeeded Chaos in the government of the universe. Then was born CRONOS. Cronos had Uranus, the Heaven, for his father, and Gaea, the Earth, for his mother. Time was born of the Heaven and the Earth.

Ridpath, History of the World, Vol. II, pp. four ninety-eight

Athene is sometimes called Tritogenia, meaning daughter of the sky, five oh-one

Each town had its own Prytaneium, where a sacred fire was kept burning on a public hearth…there was in the center of the earth a hearthstone on which the fire was kept forever burning – the hearth or Prytaneium of the whole world, five oh-two

Hermes was sent below to bring back life from the darkness, five oh-one, on Persephone in the underworld

Ares, son of Zeus and Hera, was the god of the tumult of war…He was of gigantic stature, and when fallen his body measured rods of the earth, five oh-two

Hermes, son of Zeus and Maia…gave to the world the warmth of the cheerful flame…the interchange of the lyre of Hermes for the wisdom of Phoebus, and to the treaty between the two deities, five oh-four

Heracles…destroyed the birds of Stamphalia, terrible creatures with claws and wings and beaks of brass, feeding upon the flesh of men, five oh-four

Aryans and sense-perception, heard with purer delight the rhythm of her melodies than have any other of the families of mankind, five oh-five, on Nature and the old way of seeing, sense-perception and the age of the gods

The founding of Athens by CECROPS introduces another interesting legend. According to one myth this great hero was of Pelasgic origin, but the commonly received tradition made him an Egyptian from Sais. He is said to have brought a colony into Attica and founded the Acropolis…abolished bloody sacrifices, encouraged agriculture and the building of ships, brought in the dawn of civilization., five oh-eight and nine

Nine eighty-four B.C., Date of the legislation of Lycurgus, the ascendancy of the Archonship at Athens, age of the oligarchic revolutions, five nineteen, around the same time founding of first temple Jerusalem, old temple and when Athens founded, who knows, three k B.C. on the founding of the acropolis, the Erechtheion and the Old Temple

Mycenean Athens, the House of Erechtheus, occupied northern part of the Acropolis, one forty-three,

Megaron, hall

Mycenean walls base of Acropolis, great archaic temple, then early archaic wall vs Mycenean

Peisistradids, late archaic Acropolis

Persian destruction of the old temple

Great foundation inner outer rectangles, inner thirty-four by thirteen meters, on the dot, curious megalithic yard thirty-four ball court or perhaps inner outer rectangles of earthwork temple, back to overall dimension forty-three by twenty-one meters, up and down sixth century B.C.,

Hekatompedon, hundred foot


Gigantomachy in marble, pediments of Peisistradid temple

Athena’s sacred hill, terracing for building more things on hill

Peace of Nikias, four oh nine B.C. and completed in four years Erechtheion unknown architects, later phase Philokles and Archilochos, sculptor-architect Kallimachos, Corinthian capital, golden lamp designer

Katatexitechnic, frittering away one’s skill upon details

Metics, resident aliens

Pentelic marble

Chimney in the form of a bronze palm, lamp of Kallimachos

Wooden Hermes, said to have been dedicated by Kekrops

Arrephoroi, bearers of the holy things, live nearby

Mycenean spring, abandoned and forgotten in classical times

Boutadai, priest class from Argonaut

Serpent mound disturbance, ancient impact crater with fourteen km diameter, county thirty-four Ohio, plus two more

Serpent mound platform underneath, sinkholes and caves, entrances to underworld, unbelievable, uplifted about one-thousand feet the platform itself is circular crater remain, presumably BAETYL style iron-bearing meteorite plus more, who knows, iridium, very spacious and unoccupied country very much the antithesis of flat and rather stark beauty, lines of sight, drones all night, no pictures from the place except for snow, why cause it’s hard to take pictures and mounds are tricky with photograph all end up best or none,

Gitche Manitou, Great Spirit and ancestral guardian of the ancient people, still inspires the Native population to revere as sacred certain places and rocks deemed to possess ‘Manitou.’, pp nine, GH

Conjuro & confirmo vos angeli fortes,

the conjuration an confirmation of the angel of power,

sancti & potentes,

holy and powerful,

in nomine fortis,

in the name of the mighty,

metuendissimi & benedicti Ja,

with fear and trembling & in the blessed name Ja,

Adonay, Eloim,

Saday, Saday, Saday

Eie, Eie,

Eie, Asamie, Asarie:

& in nomine

and in the name

Adonay Dei Israel,

Adonay God of Israel,

qui creavit

he created

luminaria magna, ad

a great light, and

distinguendem diem

distinguished the day

a nocte: & per

and the night: and around

nomen ominum

the name of all

Angelorum deservientium

deserving Angels

in exercitu secundo

in second act

coram Tetra Angelo majori,

made known the Four major Angels

atque forti & potenti:

with strength and power

& per nomen

through the name of

Stellae, quae est

the Planet who is

Mercurius per nomen

Mercurius by name

Sigilli quae sigillatur

and sign who is adorned with

a Deo

comes down

fortissimo & honoratio: per

strong and honored through

omnia praedicta super te

through great prophecy you

Raphael Angele magne

Raphael the Great Angel

conjuro, qui es

conjures who they are

praepositus die: quarte: & per

the chief day of the fourth

nomen sanctum quod erat

Holy name it was

scriptum in fronte

written in the first

Aaron sacerdotis altissimi creatoris:

Aaron sacred to the Highest Creator

& per nomina Angelorum

and by the name of the Angels

qui in gratiam Salvatoris confirmati sunt: & per

they were strong in the grace of the Saviour and through

nomen sedis Animalium, habentium senas alas,

the name of the Seal with wings

quod pro me labo, et, &c.

that of powerful, and, as in the conjuration of the Lord’s Day, thy will be done and the Angels of Power shall henceforth declare thy will be done here rather there while we wait for the two and three translation to appreciate, the seals open each day for the beloved in approval of the way the world on the Earth makes its way and these are the conjurations of the day as to the reckoning of how we are here in each day most righteously clear of the underworld and others we fear the outer hells, the ooutremers come near never unless taken its plane is another form of the angel by name no name and no place on the Earth or in space which is the ooutremer for all of its grace is made for the righteous act of containment vessel all second act of the world and Creation that is not fit for the beloved Earth who are cultured in beauty and mirth who all must be saved from the darkness &c. Hermes Trismegistus, most Mercurially, Mercury the Planet and the Luminary, all together the trio three great powers on the Earth do combine to make all the serpents turn the wine into dust of Angel make a word better and put it right in hands clean ledbetter.