Who saw Megaliths do what they do and forgot it all would be the greatest fool on earth to be derided for The West Wall Megaliths are in more jetty locations than previously thought along the coast of New Jersey, New Jersey, New Jersey, and the problem with all jetty rock is the origin mine which is too often the best rock we had around and indeed does confer some type of prior motive for the excluded example, one case, that was removed for bad shew and made to behave like by the wave by one little guy the other thicc boy type of the ancient serpent like the comma Megalithic Technology that does things we cannot account for to the sea and the Earth which at times can be seen or heard on surface of the sea which were known to be signs Atlantic that would be Poseidon and where he resides in the deep, nay, in the places of high regard for the Earth and the Sea are made for him to be the lesser by default of the sky and waters of the deep in control of who but the Lands of the West whose current abut the continents of North and South America in the way of the Orient, and however much we keep typing the point is to say the sea went crazy in the Pacific one day and did again in the Atlantic but like differently good shew along with the show of warning, warning, imminent catastrophe in a symbolic language made to impress on the surface of the water and thus appear as written glyphs or text for us if it would be in English which it was not, this mediated by redact any more because we don’t know truly and can suggest mechanisms but infrasounds and their conductivity make a surface a like a mystery wall to be symbols look Egyptian but are distinct in the extreme.