The Ka’aBa Allah, the living rock and the Stone of God, below the plain text understanding of the Ka Ba Law as set forth long ago, see more down below,

As above, so below, Ka, the soul as defined by the ancient Egyptians in hieratic terms as everlasting life for the soul part of the king or ruler or in our purpose, the human being who lived on the earth, to make such a place resound with soul energy of the departed still upon the earth have agency through the Ba, the Ba, the tomb mark or piece of flesh or other agency in stone and ruin and mark and symbol and language together form the callback of onomatology in the study of a name and it what it means beyond its letters and its sound to the higher frequency above ground and in the heavens called from below the Ka does make the earth Ba shew to be stated once again, the pharaoh by virtue of his tomb is able to come back and eat and consume and do things a like a human alive in the flesh might come to do and be alike the best of all time when a human form of a higher being comes down to the Earth and acts capriciously not at all, not at all, not at all, but the arts of names and their functions the onomatology of higher frequency as time to the Heaven and the Earth would be tied together inextricably process of time Ba and time Ka, by analogy, related up to thee the Most High place of infamy tell us how Creation how will be by set the standard as understood to be the soul of time up above by Chronos made to the Earth in Heaven to be entangled with the Earth in time based on let us just say strange geometries of higher degrees but callbacks for these monuments in stone and all the processes of the Ka Ba Law by analogies come hither higher process, higher frequency, down to the Earth just as need be, and we do suggest this is the proper place of a temple to be in sacred proportion and golden ratio as to be not capricious and ensure good shew we do not suspect any other entity would be so callously mellifluous and benenficient to not exploit the seams and make the rock stand on its own way to fast and way too many ways to say to make the times flip their own way by maker breaker time code foresaker to make us all forget these words and to darkness any words at all not in the control of would be time capsules time to be by process the soul of time kept by the enemy from their appointed roles on the Earth and make a time display of just another day the edges of world like the ridges and the plates make these things harder not to contemplate and why all ice in the forsaken lands right across way from deserts and forests and all the rest of the earth that beyond and within fail to be part of the realm because time acts differently, as does space, and replace standard of measure with the measure of standard practice for technologies that stabilize place to be on Earth in exact and form necessary for that place, for that place, for the place and not to be made nonsense intaglios on earth surface metro bound to major disaster town for reason nothing there makes sense or lives in the sense of a master game that has bare minimum requirement to be sympathetic to Earth process E and not disrupt the vital energy and now onto conclusion A to B just like the human, sacred technology, permits the other worlds to interact with each other simultaneously and without destructive process in all likelihood the Citadel of Archon functions as it should in bubbles made of time for loops kept off descending infinite line to be little submarines of names exclusively the property of higher frequency by that there critically important and made to be very specific technology that one way or the other is a geometry in our caste Ba me close to stone ruin to see the name of the person call back to a life most close to the true name of rife with how the magicians would do for the Angels and the Spirits, the names that they knew, and the secretary of tables and lists, curious purity spirals, true to exist, true to exist, true to exist, true to exist for all the names the worlds betwixt register of all Book of Life that we call the higher Powers and the names of them all not known by us in full not one bit but any foothold used by misfit capture the sound of the truth just how precious the name onomatology without cannot be found anyone who has been or to be by number no way too many genes to sequence to many ways to say overlong cut short name to palace court make a call and that’s all for action after all, over and out until below in more words the Ka Ba Law that we know,.

The Ka, as defined on the wall of the penn musea and approximately taken to mean the everlasting soul of the deceased, the Ka is the part of the soul-body that remains in the supernatural realm apart from the earth after death, by the bird and the outstretched arms the names of the two parts of a double to be the transmission component high emission frequency of soul energy, taken down from The 34th Day T Minus Thirty: The Ka Ba Law was intended then just as it is now, see below first go, many variable definitions to be found,

The Ba, the agency to be powerful in the ways set forth by the Megalithic Technology if one so lucky to be apart of the sacred Serpent Bloodline as set forth at the creation, The Ba down below and the form of energy taken on by the ancestors to be one of the kind best fit effigy in relief and respect eye to eye never met and no exchange of energies human and profane or to the human made to be deleterious insults to greater physiology in order of effect liver kidney and disease of the genitourinary tract for the crimes of over interact whereby the sacred arts of healing would teach us many strange things about the higher and lower realms how the kidney takes punches to the got and copper cycles through high and in a rut to double back from position made wound by imposition and the actions of a Ba of course theoretical to modern man holy man any may want to know just how far the soul can go, The Golden Glory of a name from a different story on the Earth great power for name alone that and the hour come to pass for Ba amass fate and the morass can be overcome by just ray of the sun, Ba below, more to go,

The Ba of Rome, eternal grace, eternal glory, one photograph for this story,

The old temple foundations, and the ancestors who are called forth by dedications of any kind at all and the reason why politics is sick and dying The West Wall and the reason for even trying to understand why a temple holds the hand of man if rock is not what they say, but the time to be in line with the divine as set forth at that West Wall, West Wall, West Wall in Jerusalem that is likely being more similar to what is seen below than we are led to know, the old great archaic temple mount and the holy mound of Athena,

Where the name betyl came from, the iron meteorites in the old world revered as rocks from On High, and often, we are told, used in the capstones of pyramids and maybe obelisks, one below,

Excerpt from Hancock’s Magicians of the Gods, fair use two pages total in four parts, thank you much


The British spelling of the Baetyl thus in contrast to the blackrock

More on stones fallen from heaven, the Great Manitou indeed,