One, Return to the greatest effigy face of all time, alternately titled The Ba of the Rishi, The Tomb of the Titan, The Aryan General, et cetera, the most impressive feature of the Glen Onoko waterfall that is now closed to the public,

Two, Effigy face and torso of a male figure with female deity figurine inscribed at the position of the third eye that is found on the west face of the Glen Onoko Waterfall, which one exactly you will have to find out for yourself, and furthermore this effigy is seven or more feet in vertical dimension and the width is rather impressive such that the proportions of our general here appear as though a very, very large human male fitted in armor and wearing a Greek, maybe, helmet, helmet of rather exquisite character and the eyes and third eye together all at once in a conjured moment do appear on the wall and make themselves very well known, indeed a shock of terror may overcome the observer not accustomed to fear and trembling, where exactly have we gone off to, the end of the road and the Titan of our kind maybe just the largest human of the day, the general we spoke of many times in words not alike but more like the mystic provenance upon which a summer’s day may have changed the course of history by just stand here in the sun ray you might catch if look now and be astonished please, the monument is real and can be found by deduction of the words in the posts hereupon and any thorough observer will find the general in due time, far, far larger than the photograph would make it seem,

Three, a lidar map, publicly available, of the region in question, and furthermore god bless if you can find our effigy, we have given enough clues already, specifically the revelation that one must be standing at a specific position on a specific platform to view the effigy faces in full glory, and demonstrative of that specific alignment and the generally south-southeast orientation of the falls, as below, we then move to ascertain the exact gaze of the effigy in space and time at the equinoctial points and cardinally, most difficult indeed, from a structure that is already contingent on specific alignment to behold, that then must be adduced through to the next point of what direction and when the gaze is focused upon, in this case by only approximate measures thus far, but first the lidar that is publicly available and free at that,

Four, we here first consider the archaeoastronomy, publicly at least, of the effigy faces seen above, which may be sufficiently eastern leaning at the platform of view to be gazing at the rising sun. Second, we surmise the general orientation of the general’s gaze is approximately, repeat very approximately in line with the slope of the falls, as seen above in the lidar already oriented north-south in the vertical dimension, and the same orientation if laid upon the effigies would have the approximately same southeastern line of sight as the viewing platform of the tallest waterfall and, again, one of the only remote viewing outposts of the entire hike,

Five, however, these coordinates are inexact and we surmise the truly, truly coordinated view of effigy faces is exactly south aligned like the mounds themselves, and furthermore we hypothesize that the exactly precise point of gaze is in the line of sight with an equinoctial sunrise or point near to, furthermore our prior attempts to observe the rising sun and setting sun on the summer solstice have been hampered by the weather and the next category of investigation would be computer reconstruction of the date and time at location for best fit on all points of the compass and the seasons, do recall the head of serpent mound is aligned towards the setting sun on summer solstice and as such one may begin to hypothesize dates, dates as in the year or era of construction by best fitting astronomical events. Do note on the lidar above the eery appearance of the top of falls, the top of the falls appears to have been dug out, just so, The Titan remarks on his own work.