One, the alignments of this place are curious in the extreme.

Two, what we mean by alignments is the compassed, compassed set of lines that originate at the most salient point of the Glen Onoko waterfalls.

Three, the North line runs to Maple Island.

Four, the South line runs to Tierra Del Fuego eventually and first crosses the opening to the Chesapeake Bay, the Virgin Maryland indeed.

Five, the Southeast line runs to Bermuda.

Six, the Southwest line runs to the harbor of Pensacola and the route to and from the Gulf.

Seven, the Eastern line runs to Morocco, Phoenician indeed, and best of all, specifically to the harbor of Dakhla in Western Sahara, close enough to Morocco for our call and furthermore very much in the homelands of seafarers, Lapis Elixis.

Eight, the Western line runs to nearby mountains in Appalachia.

Nine, these are idiotic things to point out without maps, but we don’t care for this point.

Ten, there are more alignments then we can account for as yet, first we do surmise that this place was once the magnetic north pole, why, play along.

Eleven, at the time of the last ice age the glaciation of North America, this place would have been the most extremely Northern outpost of any civilization of the day, and first we do submit that geomagnetic anomalies may be considered for the southerly place of that point in that era, but just like today when it goes the Siberia way, these poles may be more than one in number, tetrapolar, quadripolar, octipole, or the aggregate and approximate mean for all them our magnetic north, and why the south for the feature alignment of the mound points, because they wanted the sun from the position to enter the chambers on the dates of near equinox and solstice, the latter is more prominent for sunset elsewhere. The Southeastern alignment does permit the gaze of many aspects to watch the rising over the ridge opposite. The sun-worshiping cults of the near east and Eurasia would have appreciated that very much.

Twelve, the function of such a location at the geomagnetic north pole is far beyond the scope of these words and is known to who knows.