The day below it was Michael in this spot, but here, but here, but here, but here, but here we believe the day is the day of a different sub-division in the dimension of our time, and as we proceed to the morning of prophesy, we cast our gaze on the victors and the headset we saw on the west wall, the very special pair of ocular technologies for the eyes that do see what is to be seen and do have power over the earth and the heavens, do not believe, do believe, MARK FOUR, the special envoy of the four archangels who do enjoy the godlike effigy of the once known deity Hermes Trismegistus, here the form of a high Persian caste that it is the very best in the whole world, the very ancient symbol of the godlike realm of energy in the outer heaven and beyond the sea, the north and the south, and the east and the west, all the realms of the earth, and here we are, pennsylvania is the best in one ancient ancient ancient and very ancient place that is the temple at the end of time, the temple at the end of the vine, there is no more progress to be had, it all hath been done, it all hath been under the sun and the son, and forgiven no one all the ways it can be undone, all the ways it brothers and sisters were desecrated over the over the over the over the trifling precious metals here and there more rare are the baetyls and here we made a temple to the ways of time and space mutually exclusive for brother of mine, little man adam c, the harbinger at the end of history, all the right moves to freely see and pass may be another day one dies on the way, lost at the head root gone weary, lost at the head gone to fear and trembling and overwhelmed and stuck in place, nothing to do but die by the effigy face that came out the wall to take the life not worthy, these words are made for this place and this place alone, do not confuse one word for falsity, one word for falsity, one word for falsity, falsity of nothing that is here and is brother sing the end of history coming rather quick in lieu of these true facts more nature recently discovered in the way effigy particularly the energy acts upon the land sea and rock note timeclock and time tell are the signs of hell usually and terrifically good at predicting prophesy of destiny in the scale of catastrophe to come must be immense we do see this is the way of the temple of time when the rock make a move like never before seen carved of grooved something hath improved for the chance of a rock lance into the wider world why because it needed to be all the way under the sea or at he highest heights of the sky where Raphael tells why the old desert great here contemplates the end of time that hath just begun in an ooutremer down with gun will be the end of humanity if it is if it is if it is if it is if it is to be the wave will sweep the world clean free or part necessary this is the warning the shore east and the west impure will be gone overnight in fire and lightning strike and we all the better the survivor ledbetter over and out. thank you much.