ONE, Eirik the Red, the Viking seafarer, explorer before his time, when did he sail and why do we still celebrate Columbus Day or Columbus at all, we pray for ignorance in these matters, but we have more to say,TWO, MARKLAND, The New World, The New World, The New World, according to the Vikings who, maybe not, the first they say, Eirik the Red, what about Gudrid and the discovery of regular commerce in shipping of timber from Norway to Greenland so settlements could be built, what else was shipped around the north,

THREE, Amerigo Vespucci, the Florentine imposter, indeed, no talent, indeed, none at all, except for an expertise in the pearl trade, with the new world routes already long established by Spanish traders in exclusivity, that the crown of Spain guarded so jealously, why, wartime secrets and more in line with the royal kind of mind, at stake, like Byzantium, the whole of history, the destiny of Christianity versus Islam,

FOUR, Do Mercator and the maps of the North Pole and Four islands that are the four river bearings the waters of life, or something like a magnetic and actual North Pole, cold and winter around, around the entire periphery, indeed, until Norway, the gulf stream or another current by name, by name warm as hell and maybe the tell, something going on far to the North and maybe again, the tell is in the sound come before, The Arctic Circle and Beyond, these true facts histories we lack, portals and gates on the Sea, how about next to me, that is all we tell you, we tell you right now, the other two books of righteous history are somewhere in the silent effigy of a passage here or there, that is truth to be fair, the considered best in class when MARK FOUR reads aloud, indeed, indeed, the truth of how, the unknowable becomes known in full.

FIVE, the letters of columbus and the true Letters of Columbus, the great controversy of everything ever at sea, brings us to, the princeton university, The Princeton University, of ancient history, where our Uraeus sits now, or did once sit below, eyeball full and tall talks down to all that pass around, WHO ARE YOU, that would be LITTLE GUY, indeed, now they know, sidebar off we go, that is there,

SIX, The arrival of Columbus in Spain, off the ship at Palos, indeed with his son Diego, along a dusty road, a dusty road, a dusty road,on foot he arrives to the hill of La Rabida, the Franciscan monastery atop, eponymous topographical feature thereby the place of the beggar knocking on the door, the door of the house made of pale yellow stone and red, once more, the serpent kind, the serpent of mind, maybe this would be the other way, the catholic imposition, the spanish inquisition, all the forces that could be, mustered up between Spain and Italy it does seem, to conceal the history of the ocean and the Sea by virtue a story of counterfeits and accomplice, he Amerigo not sued by Columbus, ho, land, back, to the courts, for defamation and all other trivial sorts, or so we have been led to believe, Amerigo up his sleeve, pearl man and the crypto-jews of the clan, bad type, trader, slaver, invader, military governor or admiral that would be, unknown anymore, this story and much more, at some point Columbus acquires fifty-thousand volumes in his own person library, thought to be prior on the Sea, maybe the Franciscan monastery itself the agency of a columbus story, Cristobal Colon and the history, strange, unknown, as above, currently under dispute the reason why some force and group of conspirators all around the world seek to place forgeries of the letters of Columbus, the letters of Columbus, right into directly the most likely true historical record, archive, museum, ivy league as they can, maybe it was princeton, one man, said yes, said yes, forgery, so what could it be, who in the world is so scared of the Sea, any truth whatsoever not known, nor to be, why, PORTAL GATE, all the things THE BAETYL, BAETYL & CO., cannot disclose but can show, the words and they lead to a place that we need, the Lost Lands like before are out there again, are out there again, are out there again, like MARKLAND, LAPLAND, VINLAND, all the places that the clan never made it to, never could do, anything about, anything about property rights and doubt anyone at all could do it, could do it, could do it, must only be one tribe at Sea, that is, that is, that is, that is the truth, and that is the truth, the Catholic conspiracy and the jewish mythology, pearl trader and the slaver, little later, mythologized and the history a crater, its real deal wall of shame, a wall of very, very, very real deal active to conceal anything below the Sea, anything below the Sea, anything below the Sea, too much conspiracy, too much vaguery, too much, too bad, The Amaranth of Persia, we had it all caps and then let go to the title, of a chapter in a book on this disaster of science unknown to itself, the last books on the library shelf, here on three, citations not to be, to be, must be, just notes on the texts, see above and below, published in the last thirty years, major publisher each one, in a sea of filth and wretched treachery, the public library, on these topics filled very sparsely and major, major problem to see, foreign, hated, other kind, desecrated, everything but the truth of the world coming through, indeed, all the opposite it could be, it could be the truth alone for space man, deal in all the real things of reality, almost exclusively, for the purpose that would be, that would be, that would be, like a Zoroastrian conspiracy, not to live in falsity, be led like a sheep to the slaughter while asleep, while asleep, while asleep, while asleep, whereas the other hand makes all life swamp of doubled down all, all around, CROWN CHAKRA knows very well, when the land is in the throes of hell, that is what we’re talking about, the elite, the elite, the elite, the brahmins of the West, of the West, not in the West, brings brahmins fully abreast, cultists, hindus, majorly, did not do anything that you saw or could see, these mysteries, worse than you know, worst kind of shew, india right now on the brink of RED ROCK by the effigy as the clock, like we said down with love, bad shew and the glove of invincibility, the deluge and the Sea, all the lost records to be, THE TEMPLE OF ONOKO in the same dimensions as temples, temples below the Sea, that length and inclination and width all together and the paths do switch now to say full edifice, as the dimensions of a TEMPLE OF THE MOON, and TEMPLE OF THE SUN, the brother and sister, Apollo and Artemis, this fact one might miss without redacted on the line and saying mighty fine, the land to the east across the borderline and bad, bad, bad energies coming up for the shew of the Seas, oout portal from the Jersey shore, what is this about, a RED ROCK below that does not like humans at all to know or enjoy life like a toy, slaver caste in extremis of the past, this is not the last, but note shipwreck vicinity does hold back the ooutremer portals from below the sea, why sometimes Shipwreck must be a good one, good shew, effigy in exalted victory, on the chessboard a piece of history, and more on this to come as we wish, indeed not stupid mythology, but a form of truth that the elite wish could be bottled back up and never seen again, and never seen again, and never seen again, and never seen again, the reason why the ONOKO photographs all show the hallmark of edit to metadata in lieu ownership, copyright, fear of done just right, one day play, perhaps tens of years in the future, one swipe at the whole archive on those grounds with trivial fabrication of evidence before masonic judge in mock ritual, mock ritual, mock ritual of the destruction of the first temple, first temple, indeed two towers down, something of the sort, you idiot face idiot, idiot of all time, how much more time is it going to take to refresh on the masons and why we do not appreciate blood oaths and human sacrifice as ritual murder by the knife, that kind of treachery, masonry, has bad, bad karma and bad, bad history, and the true nature is control all history so no one finds out what they do, what they do, maybe banal to yt, yt, but not you, dear reader, why dum dum ba leader cannot stop writing on these matters whatsoever at all, at all, at all, at all.

SEVEN, The sources alluded to above as follows,

ONE, Fernandez-Armesto, F, Amerigo, The Man Who Gave His Name to America, 2007, Random House

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