The above photograph was taken on the fly after encounter with this carved face in stone, argillite we believe, argillite we believe, argillite we believe, right in the vicinity of the former effigy that we featured once or more, indeed, this exploration in the woods of Princeton, New Jersey not the first time we’ve been here, and not the last. We believe this tangible similarity with Glen Onoko ties this site to the aforesaid in the far distant past when master masons, not freemasons, but masters of stone were on the Earth in abundance, at least here in the northeast, northeast, northeast, northeast, of the now United States of America, furthermore these true facts are known by the archaeological establishment quite well. They do not acknowledge them because of something far more severe in the cards than we can tell of in a short length of text, perhaps we will arrive at the point below. The lost series as follows,

Indeed we return to the tent rock of Princeton, a curious geological, geological, geological feature that in some guidebooks is a site worthy of mention on the short trail in the Woodfield Reservation, not a park nor a preserve, but a reservation, whatever that may be, legally, something to do with the private concerns and the municipality of Princeton, not the township, not the boro, both of which no longer exist, no longer exist. This rock was featured in our last post on the very, very likely presence of a ruined effigy. Furthermore we continue today on the series that takes us to the lost waterfall with this very same rock, with this very same tent shaped rock from a different angle,

Looking to the west above, from behind, we examine all the facets of the volcanic mudstone to see if any more effigy is found, indeed, not quite, maybe tricks on the eyes and the mind, however, those tricks quite profound indeed,

There is something about the shape of this rock that repeats in the Princeton woods, or in the argillite specifically, that being a volcanic mudstone, specifically found in this area of New Jersey and most certainly here, most certainly rare itself and seen by its characteristic cleavage pattern, which is odd, and which is definitely not sandstone. Furthermore, we add here the main effigy face ruin seen above is seen from a very specific viewing platform that is itself a piece of argillite we suggest is very specifically placed and furthermore that itself implies a very curious and specifically intense labor-production capacity to the constructors of these effigy marvels in stone, and sometimes wood. That is, we suggest the placement of more than just the effigy marks itself. We walk down the way to what is in all probability the fall line itself, a geographical feature that is also geological, geological above and above ground, or the remnant of a fault uplift between this very specific portion of ground, where below we come to the second feature of the reservation, the council rock, as it is called, that is buried into the hillside, curious that, and chipped at its apex also curiously, most alike the stones of Onoko that are known to point south or otherwise, in dual compass points with below point oriented west, nearly exact, and then south of west, south of west, if drawing a line exactly down the midpoint, as below,

The likely hillside here is not necessarily itself artificial, however it does appear than many, many smaller, carved, or cut, or similarly shaped stones abut this feature above and indirectly, indirectly indicate some form of mound complex has been built here. There are no more mound like features to speak of at this time. Below, we return to the John Witherspoon Woods of the Mountain Lakes Open Space Area, neither a park nor a preserve nor anything other such comprehensible in the legal schema of the State, that most important indeed, perhaps privately owned. We find another tent shaped block of argillite with a classic effigy face carved into the west gazing facet of the rock, featured before and here again,

However, no guide or book claims this remarkable stone, likely artificial in full, is a noteworthy nameable feature such that an entire reservation should be built around to preserve and capture the glory of an effigy for all time. This is case, however, for our first volcanic mudstone, the tent rock, that is also likely artificially, artificially, artificially formed as well, tent rocks indeed that look as though they have been inflated and are aerated, their contours slightly curved in the way a fabric or synthetic material might curve and bend under air alone over the same. We gaze upon the sphinx, as we call this one, at or around sunset in the way we think it may be most appropriately, appropriately, appropriately viewed in light of its orientation nearly, exactly, westerly. The view from the likely platform of the sculptor as follows below,

The sun shines upon two casing blocks, or at least two distinct blocks of argillite, both cuboid and in volume rather substantial, that furthermore are in the vicinity of the dolmen structure incorrectly called a cave in the guidebook literature, repeat the formation we featured in this post is a clearly megalithic sculpture or edifice that has an inexact compass alignment, maybe south at one facet, overall west of south, and furthermore we suggest the effigy style on the sphinx block, that tent rock, is in lieu of a failed and more grandiose style that looks to have fallen and may specifically be, may specifically be unstable in the argillite, the cleavage patterns far more unstable then, say, white quartz sandstone, or at least the Onoko special white quartz standstone. Look for the lips of a fallen giant below,

Look again one more time,

This ruined garden of effigy is far less impressive than Glen Onoko, in fact nearly everything in the world might be, but we have two prior precedents for effigy carving in argillite, and we suggest this here ruin of a third might just be a fallen giant, might just be. As per the viewing platform, platform, platform from where and when we are meant to see what we see, lines of sight please, lines of sight and their imperceptibility, imperceptibility, perceptibility and where the sculptor made, made the choice to carve from and to, as alike we see one line of sight to the stolen and hidden grove on down below, the lost waterfall as alluded to in the title on course,

The proper way in below,

Continuing we find a rather sacred grove, the artificiality of the complex suggested and noted walled on all sides, the rather grotesque house at top left a worthy desecration of the princeton caste, worthy in that it outdoes all before and takes a splendor of nature and makes a fool of all they stand for, below we enter the sacred grove of the druids, or something like a sacred grove to be, if that were known from time immemorially, the caves of L’enfant here to be, on the line from New York to Washington DC, right down the middle, the powerful ley line of infamy, Holy Mother, what hath they done, this place, repeat, is overlooked by a domicile that is shielded from reproach by the inaccessibility of this place, just a walk away from the sphinx megalith and aptly named devil’s cave, the aforesaid megalithic structure. Furthermore, we note the presence of pipes once from the property to where there would be, or have been, likely in the past a waterflow consistent with the stream, the stony brook, the likely tributary of the Millstone River, or something similarly tributary, that furthermore would have run through the sacred grove, in energy far removed from where it should be, The Golden Bough, and black magick, here the latter in full, thank you much, bad, bad folks live in that house, why, how known, the story of Baetyl full known, full known, here something rotten watches the trails, watches from the skies and watches the internet for all manner of lies, of lies on the stolen waterfall that cannot be and never was, why, because they stole it, they stole it and built things that hath becomes infamous into the native rock, what else is only a matter of time away from being discovered, like hopwell next door, nothing good awaits,

There appears to a be a natural or archaic trail that would have likely taken us across the waterflow, and to the east side of the falls, the place here did very much at first and still does, still does remind us of Glen Onoko,

Walls on all sides, three fully walled sides and once mounded entrance point, see above, and the argillite pops out here and there, the argillite people and where they got their argillite from, the lost quarries of the Lenape, of the Lenape and what came before, a rarity indeed, watetfalls that we never saw or knew to be, waterfalls that we presume as such hath been stolen and desiccated by overdevelopment, by overdevelopment, by overdevelopment, and understatement and a euphemism for deliberate desecration of a holy place of native America. Continuing below, we approach the falls and likely most proximity to the most gargantuan effigy, at least in the Onoko style, wink, wink, nod, nod, indeed, how active might they be, the Oak does tell, active as hell,

See the walls off in the distance,

Looking to the right from above, the likely path of energy, the likely path of energy, the likely path of energy, towards the face of the falls, or the likely face of the old falls, thank you much indeed,

Carved blocks on the way, artificiality mind blowing in the extreme, somewhat too much to fathom at times,

Wall at right and argillite in the path, overgrown and this likely to the right of the old waterflow, unknown what type of rock the falls walls are truly made from, likely argillite as well with different coloration or surface varnish layer, indeed, Persian in the extreme influence all around, Persian, Old Persian, Very Old Persian,

Another tent rock made of argillite, many, many such cases, indeed, indeed, indeed, the hallmark of artificiality or the very much natural form and size of cooling argillite, the former we much more suspect and inform you now is the correct answer. This is not a joke, these are very much constructions and the artificiality of the entire complex refers to, refers to architects and engineers that were engaged in the planning and construction of springs, springs, wells and springs that in the Old Persian, old middle eastern, Old Asian, thank you much, in that style, in that style, did happen here as well, this is a perfect example of the manicured grove, not a garden, but a sacred well, a sacred spring, a sacred area that the gods would bring, thank you much indeed,

We approach the face of the falls, note the right angle in the wall, more than one person before yours truly has noted this disparity, argillite does not make radically right angles right, it makes mudflow, like lava flow, like heated mud flowing in the wake of lava flow, not walls like a walled compound buried in the woods, repeat, this is a made complex, made in full by ancient engineers who chose the site along the line for its natural properties, for its natural properties, for the properties of these ley lines that make the waterflow much better than we know, how and why for reasons science cries, does not exist, does exist, does exist in full, and more such things that we can never know,

Many of the surfaces covered in verdure, and many likely once exposed places likely inaccessible sight by two eye, indeed third eye leads the way, this place was meant for no and none other day than today, thank you much indeed, the Oak that we need,

Reflections on the wall near sunset are the tales just yet, the tent rock, indeed, linked again right here, and the sphinx rock of this site seem to be oriented to a setting sun, most curiously, western orientations, rare, maybe, so we are told and we see, westerly gazes of the effigy faces, to the setting sun, plausibly equinoctial, as always, the four points of the compass and the year, the last thought, on the survivors at the end of the last ice age, and the last look to the westerly setting sun would be, the underworld, the world of the dead, the world of the no longer living, the life of the other side, in darkness, in the absence of the sun, more on these thoughts of what become of the antediluvian race that survived and their ancestors down the line, indeed, what more could we need, why would the princeton that leads in archaeology and anthropology, archaeology and anthropology permit such desecration on their own home turf, because that is the way they like to see such things come to be, the way they treat unfortunate history, of Native America not red man but other man, maybe Aryan Man, too much for the rotten filthy rats of princeton to handle, too much indeed, furthermore we believe the structure itself is too much grandiose to be explicable in terms of history, so destroy it, and hide it, and then do terrible things underneath it? that is the princeton way, may it be short on the Earth, that would be indeed just what we need,

The stone of all time probably immediately west of the old waterflow,

Looking at below some prominences coming out from the wall at the point just east of where the old waterflow likely came over the wall, thank you much indeed,

See the tent rock from another angle nearly directly in line with the theorized waterflow of the old stream and waterfall that is directly in line, directly in line with the extant stream that flows presently down into the man imposed upon basin there with a lake a dam, the lake like the formation contingent upon the dam, we are told the old princeton town got its ice, got its ice, got its ice, literally got its ice from that facility in the times before refrigeration, before technology, by cart and buggy, an ice truck, indeed, simply that and more, the homes here recent and impure, filth multi million, multi million, or about one million for this one maybe, the real estate agent indeed known to yt, a garage is open and who do we see, unknown but somebody in the house that marked conspicuously, part of the coven of princeton, no joke, sex drug orgy, middletown america that would be, that would be, that would be, that would be, degenerate filth, degenerate filth, degenerate filth that would desecrate history, desecrate history and do so purposefully, thank you much indeed, jewish, all but certain, continuing along, continuing along, continuing along,

The sacred grove of effigy, thank you very much indeed, the detestable state of new jersey, may it be short on the Earth, thank you much indeed, thank you much indeed, thank you much indeed,