Looking down we see the tent rock that we see below, there are two rampart esque divisions in the wall, the wall seen above that we exhibit below, one, two, why do we need to be directed to look and see, why indeed is the why that we learned, the tent rocks are the way, are the way of the path, are the way of the path, indeed, are the way of the path, in threes you shall know them, in two, they shall teach you, in one, they shall lead you, indeed, why the wall is here in the form it must have been set forth in the world as we see above perhaps an defensive position perhaps an offensive position for the mind and third eye condition that is right and that is wrong and we are overlong,

And two,

How did we get here indeed a tent rock and that is another class of effigy so we can and will feature that here not at all not at all, double negative so back to shew, to shew the way here, like through yesterday we found something nearly exactly alike the sphinx stone, as we call it, that tent rock featured below first,

The classic effigy and the classic tent rock, above and below,

We view right off the trail the classic tent rock, the classic shape of preformed argillite, a volcanic mudstone that we are told, we are told that argillite is a rarely appearing mineral or rock type, igneous rock, volcanic rock, and here in the presence of even rarer diabase, and all of this on the Piedmont Plateau of New Jersey, that same bit of Appalachia that runs all the way down to North Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia. There are more ways to say this again but we firmly believe these rocks are pre-made by an advanced culture of seafaring peoples from the lands and the time beyond time and space, and that is to say, we are firmly in possession of evidence that links the last ice age, whenever that was, and the time that followed that period in the world, when peoples began to reassert themselves and began furthermore to build yet again, the building programs of all time and all space, the building programs with the help of the firmament, whatever that means to you, whatever that means or meant to Druids, whatever that means in terms of modern science, whatever that means it has a real component that assists with the construction, magnification, edification, emulsification, destruction thereof and construction to soften or harden or form the materials of the world as they need to be and these are truly tools beyond the material realm. Thank you much indeed. Where do we find ourselves after the tent rock with the carving lightly upon, another trail through megaliths that is en route to the wall at the top, as below we survey that piece of the transit through the trail adjacent area of Sourland Mountain that might as well be a million miles away because it is so well-hidden but is our purview to find these places and we are furthermore privileged in the extreme to become part of history unfolding before our eyes in the best retelling that can ever be, the best retelling by all that we can see, the manifestation of effigy in its role and its role to be, the end, the end, the end of history,

The same tent rock looking to the east northeast and when viewed in the light of the sun from this angle it does not look like much, look like much indeed. There are no ways to say that we have said however many times that this class of effigy is context dependent in the extreme, which is again to say the view of the effigy is contingent on the place from which it is being viewed. There are always, repeat, always, always, always, and always there are always viewing platforms to view an effigy. Repeat, there is a place set forth in stone on the Earth, on the Earth, on this very Earth, there is typically one to a series of three or four, three or four places to view any given effigy that is in this culture or system. Furthermore, we do believe there are very skilled artisans and craftsmen on the Earth who are likely capable of such works of ungodly devotion, for what purpose would it serve to make a face like that seen above, in effigy, in effigy, in effigy, in effigy, from one set of angles that are likely in place forever to be however to be secured in infamy for obscurity of such Godly, Godly, Godly, the great gift of God for such an eye and such a hand. However, see the internet completely and all books for any mention of anything alike this phenomena, and we dare you to pretend like that is even possible, no, my friend, there maybe rites of passage out there that in secret hath made it their occult right to view and know these special, special, special, special places on the Earth that are for therefore more than we report and may indeed be hyperdimensional in their implication of one sole station for visage of a higher being to be found all around making that kind of sound, truth in sound and stone, the best and only truth that hath ever been known. There are more ways we can say we hath tried before, the Ka Ba law, the play on words we believe is more meaningful, is more meaningful for its implication that the soul station of a being departed, living now or in any previous era, the future we do not consider, the future we do not consider, for the purpose of communion with the Earth and its inhabitants in the living Realms. Thank you much indeed. That is all that we need. That is all that we say an effigy means today. That is all we mean to say on an likely advanced technology, technology that is megalithic and that you can see in the sky or up above in times, in times of maybe likely possibly the worst best days in the whole of history when the best greats are resurrected as a sort of command the sky in the procession on high of what we once called the Ba raid, the play on words of parade, the Ba and its lemonade. The way that would be cognoscized would be to say the Ba is the agency on the Earth for the Eternal soul, the Ka, to be made manifest and be given leeway to roam and consort with living, and perhaps the other, the other realms of creation, the Underworld, the Ooutremer, Heaven, the Hells, the all in between, whatever, whatever, whatever, whatever it is we mean, we mean to embark on the course and the spark, we here do say that we affect the world each and every day, each and every day, all of us, including me, yt, yours truly, and by discovery of each effigy we do convene with the Ba, of a sort, the ancient Aegyptian, the ancient Atlantean, that latter category established, established and to be our once and future legacy, of the most advanced stone working culture that can be found, indeed found, indeed found all around, one more link, one more link, one more link, one more link, one more link, the Atlantean Tribe of Native Americans indeed what we are calling this megalithic effigy, effigy and rock building culture, that is the most likely explanation for the legends of a lost race, lost continent, lost group of highly advanced individuals, highly advanced individuals who seeded cultures all around the world, all around the world, all around the world, all around the world, all around the world, here they are, in full and by far, more better than we thought, traces going very, very strong indeed.