The Ogee, the Portal to the star world of the ancients on their PATH OF SOULS in the afterlife, the afterlife, we repeat, the afterlife, why we do have knowledge of the afterlife whatsoever at all? Why do we have anything at all to do with information from that place of abode or that place of Mystery, mystery, MYT and why do we have these words here today, because we are on the Path of Souls all the way here on the earth and here we do say, the earth has its own way to deal with the energy of the departed that need to be, restarted, the places that are Sacred and because they are truly, Sacred places of those who would be, a ruling elite, no, priests and chiefs that were rulers as well. The priest caste that we speak of is a type of brotherhood, ancient brotherhood, no females at all, why, because dimorphism in the sexes does all apply to the priesthood and why the women are made for the bearing of NEW LIFE and to be not bothered with the questions that be implicit to divine energy of the priesthood from external source it must the male alone completion of form that we call, PATH OF SOULS, the paths of energy that we described in the preceding posts on the coasts and the inlands and the mounds and the rocks, indeed, indeed, indeed, they are places where they need to be, why, there are places on the earth that in the afterlife, we are told, by The Spirits of the Dead, just like a Greek Egyptian said, just like Manetho told to us by Eusebius in the Chronica, why we care about that name at all, not Josephus, but Eusebius, is because we trust more any of the Byzantine sources more than the Jewish not Jewish, not clearly not Roman, not clearly malinformed, not clearly not the father of lies like they say of Herodotus who tries to be, faithfully, curious, to the history, by Josephus is problematic in more ways than we care to say is something political in full, the contrary to the Byzantine, the eastern religion far more in line with the old, old, old, old ways of being in the days of Anatolia still not under the yoke of Islam, the islam of the present, the Islam of the past, where did it go, what is it, what do we know, a very bit of that religion can go far but we don’t trust our life to any place without a car and a weapon where muslims today would be in to see the majority at bay all decency towards anything that would be themselves or others why we would care, THE PATH OF SOULS, why would we care, the desecration of Our Holy Places and the places of the enemy of THE ANCESTORS, we report as it is reported of information in the afterlife is meant to be shared with thee by a vessel of MEGALITHIC TECHNOLOGY, that’s when we depart from the mounds where we start, because we frankly wish to be in the most best position in the field of Archaeology, not the other one, archaeology, the sites of Golden Provenance opposed to hit by chance, and more better than before, the end of history in store, but no mound is to be excavated almost all in that category in the present, and why, to see something grotesque, number one, or sacred, number two, or something on the way that must be desecrated, three, this would with two, the condition of ONOKO, just so you know, link to the past, the Chambers and we first would agree that all the best in archaeology would love for the chance to take spade and lance to the mountainside but we think we know why, first, indeed, the history that we don’t need, the bad, bad, the worst of the lot, they would never allow to publish anything from that spot, thank you much indeed, its the second that we need, two, who are you, Archaeology man, in line with the clan, don’t dig here we told you, Sacred Space, and behold you, know what would occur to dig down and to stir, The Spirits of the Dead, in the way we once said on THE PATH OF SOULS many books and descriptions report what we say is the energy of a specific PATH of movement that is symbolic, sacred, ritualistic not at all, but is the set path appointed by the priests of the past, who by the connection to ON HIGH thank you much indeed, the mounds we rather need, to leave in place, leave in place, leave them be, and that would be, to step on or to photograph, out of line with the past, is best left alone even though it was curiosity of the lesser known, to whom it became wider and better and more ledbetter that no dig here or there at a Sacred Precinct we fear, we do not want and would not care for, and furthermore, nothing at all would be found that could call all the way back to the Originals at THE BEST of them all those who left no trace except for the trace that is all around above ground, and where it is is deliberate already in full, and below the earth the places of rock and stone and maybe the earth better known and likes to be the way they are, likes them to be where they are, an energy and a scar, a desecration of violation of The First Principle in the Nation, do not do things which are not good.