We return to yesterday, the day below, by the Pantheon in Rome, we encountered two Statues that are reported to have been inside the Pantheon at one time or another, indeed, one of which we need, Diana Deceived by Venus, and the other, Mars and Aries, the former will you please, Mars on his knees, Aries in the sky, all the constellations by, thank you very much, from right ascension we define an apparent longitude to the stars in the sky, thank you very much indeed, the declination would be the latitude and we agree, east and west, north and south, in the sky we do not care for these coordinate systems that much, thank you very much, we see what we see by the culmination that would be the halfway point between rising and setting of a constellation, no, of a Star, that we go, we go back down to the earth and see what we have found that appears cursed that is all we want you to know, what follows below, the apparent origin of the light year and we say, from what and from where do we begin to compare distance never measured with the distance that is presumed it is not provable by any method whatsoever at all. At all. At all. At all. At all. At all. At all. At all. At all. At all. Base ten units please, can we disagree, what we have found is the beast and unsound the first premise which is the last quote down below, is what is called the au, astronomical unit, the first principle of parallax is the radius of the Earth, wherefrom that presumed measure, calculated perhaps on the extrapolated diameter of sphere based upon some presumed arc unit of measure, maybe this is more complicated than that, maybe it would be, the presumed non spherical but equatorial circumference measured never at all, measured what part of the Earth, in what proportion smaller than the whole, what true value of the foot or the meter is a sub division of the whole length without division, the sacred ratios, what are they, by what we say, we don’t know how go back in time to the Ptolemies when the alleged first efforts were made to establish the distance of the Luminary from the Earth by degree, by degree, by degree, not at all, by the number of radii, number of radii of the Earth, we read, this is nonsense we perceive, because we are told the Ptolemies, Ptolemaic era, believed in a Flat Earth, that is why we see, certain Greek names to be, Eratosthenes, a joke in the extreme, no work ever survived entitled anything at all that this man may or may not have done, if it did, its gone from the public knowledge whatsoever at all, we are not even aware of method he proposed to measure the alleged circumference of the earth, we are just told of a number, two hundred fifty two thousand, stadia, or other, what is a stadia, just a number divided by the modern circumference estimated to be twenty some thousand miles, jumping forward, we suggest you say, the library of alexandria here has a say, in the forged history of units of measure that we alluded in days below, especially in the meter of Ancient Egypt, the foot and the mile, yes indeed, these would be, what measurements in true divine proportion and golden ration, by who, we know they do have property of universality, both the meter and the foot, why we are here, the measurement of the Earth, we fear too much is lost to modern man, just below the nonsense of the clan, read slowly and consider it to be, first principles, nonsense on its face, why, the fixed, apparently, fixed backdrop of the most allegedly distant bodies, entities, stars maybe, tables full of references to a position not when though, however diligently we may agree, that a set time would have to be made for all observation universally, then a correction for the apparent motion of the heavens each day, one orbit, no, one revolution around the Pole Star, indeed, one day, one Sidereal Day, why we can’t say, not the same as one Solar Day, thank you very much, the reason why the Lunar Calendar may be, one of two possibilities, the twenty eight day, or the twenty nine, the latter the better we surmised ledbetter, but the Sun and the Moon may agree, by monsoon, why are we here, the old cycles we hear, the Stars may have been still then far to capricious in the Sky to measure time by, thank you much indeed, off we go, no commentary other than already know, light year from au, how did we get au, that is all we want to know, ninety three million miles, off we go,

ONE, We quote from an almanac of extra solar system entities in hardcover found in volumes three, three, three, hardbound volumes of an astronomical degree, the charts we suppose an astronomer might see, or not at all, to rudimentary, purported to be, purported to be, for the star gazer with a telescope who might see maybe nothing at all, maybe something small, the true methods of modern astronomy are here in published work of degree, masonic probably, something wrong we see, all the coins that could be, pertain to the name of ancient Greek, Roman or Mythology, they are the coins that are forged almost every time in the way they appear and furthermore the gorgon has a whole page, a whole page, indeed, a whole page for medusa in the section upon, Perseus, indeed, like we said the day below, bad omens and we go again to the point here my friend, hard pill to swallow, no, not at all, the stars are not bigger or farther there at all, first, we read, as follows, we perceive, the, “STAR DISTANCES may be determined by trigonometrical measurements only in the case of fairly near stars. As the Earth revolves around the Sun, the nearer stars show a small yearly shift against the background of more distant stars.”

TWO, These claims precede further claims that the distance to stars and entities beyond a or the solar system, whatever that may be, nasa we agree, is worthless to the nth degree, why we need to say, buckle up kid one day, went to nowhere one may never go, that is how we know, the nonsense is too dangerous any further to permit to squander our time and the money and the wine of a science that is a religion that is obscene, by photography one may prove or disprove many many things that are in the world and he sings the song of Abaddon, that is all that is wrong no it is history itself which flies off the shelf and claims many things about Ancient Greece, Egypt, and Rome, and very little about Persia in fact, India a mess as ever and lucky to get much about what they worship at all let alone on the Stars there more important not at all, North America and India uniquely absentee in the sky watcher proficiency, off by degrees of magnitude, we agree, we agree we agree, we agree The Stars are different upon the Face of the Earth to the stargazer who has but one perception like all of us here down below, from the platform of where may we gaze such that we know, the true sidereal day hath come and gone and come again at the time my friend of the day that is not quite the same night and day cycle of Sunset and Sunrise and Darkness and Light, all the First Parts of Human Life do agree that we have a rhythm that all must to see them through abide and reside on the Planet, not at all, we said Planet lowercase p not at all because the Planets are very real, why must be the same as they are we see, some Point of light that is round to us here down below, the Sun and the Moon, the same don’t you know by extrapolation why must we be, like they, we are not they, they are other from us everyday and every night and every moment of existence that we thrive or putrify under the light of Sun and Moon, putrify with an i very good indeed, the draweth forth of life that we need, electric and ether and magnet all at once, like we said of the photon, three dimensions, x, y, and z, each of its own not specified each its own domain not at all for one unique piece of the nature by three in each dimension comes by three in three dimensions the photo would be poorly understood to this day and who would criticize the luminaries of physics that spaketh their mouth to fools and knaves and finished the subject with epitah on their graves must never be criticized, must never be criticized, unless they are who are you, Ooutremer and who, they would the priest class of the dark, dark past, nonsense terminus to a science that is all right now in the b word below, cannot be heard in where turns and tunnels make something do something that appears on a screen to be a record of something that may never proceed forth ever again in the public sphere for containment of the physics is the most important thing this year, why we are here, the ancients and we cheer, knew more than we know and more than we can know because we are more advanced than we can account for on the one hand in leisure on the one hand at war, where no truth cometh free truth floweth and all the lies off down must goeth, the end of history, lowercase we agree, the end of history, by the Megalithic Technology, how could this be, the one piece of true, True, TRUE, the True, true, all the truth of the world that would ever be, in the Rock, the first principle of every civilization that came ever before or after must know the truth of the disaster that we have now to write in the glaciers and by night the climate science of long in the past to the last ice age that ended rather fast and among the lower case by degree civilization with a c indeed, indeed, why bother to believe, when we perceive, the cosmogeny, the cosmology, no, the myth of the origin of the universe, no, of the world, of the Earth, and the Seas, and the Heavens, all garbage and filth disproven in one swipe of the cloth upon the lens just right. What do we mean, let us proceed,

“The radius of the Earth’s orbit (one astronomical unit) is the base-line used in measuring the amount of this shift, termed the star’s parallax. A distance unit often used by professional astronomers is the “parsec,” the distance of an object having a parallax of 1″ or, to phrase it another way, the distance at which one AU would subtend an angle of 1″…The parsec is equivalent to 3.26 light years.”

By a trigonometry that requires the value we see below,

“One astronomical unit (AU) = 93 million miles”

This value we perceive to come from where, where in the hell does this number come from, why have we not been informed of the expedition chain and measure and legend of the fall that went to the sun and measured them all, because this is nonsense of the first degree and a crime of cosmic treachery, the true measure is hidden by no one but God the Creator


Burnham Jr., R. 1978. Burnham’s Celestial Handbook, An Observer’s Guide to the Universe Beyond the Solar System, Volume One, Andromeda-Cetus. Chapter 3, Fundamental Knowledge For the Observer, pp. 87. Dover Publications, Inc, New York.