There was darkness on the face of the deep and the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters, GENESIS 1:2

And God called the firmament Heaven, and the evening and the morning were the second day, GENESIS 1:8

The twenty four hour day is correct in its form not at all not at all, the origin of the twenty four hour day is indeed Egyptian and we will say one day indeed its the second that we need thank you very much indeed it is why not any arbitrary number of divisions and furthermore why is the day not to begin at noonday sun as would be the marker of the day by angle known to be, and furthermore these are good questions in store the second is more than the sub division of the twenty four hour day how many times divided is the day by thirty six hundred times twenty four and then we recall eighty six thousand four hundred seconds in a day, in a day, is that the number of the Sun, or please go forth and say the well known number of the radius or diameter of the Sun in the modern physics which is nearly the by ten number eight hundred sixty four thousand not at all not at all check please here we go, about correct in miles that would be something something here and to be here we transition to one thousand seventy nine point four or ten eighty the number of the moon, in radius that number in miles we are really hard to be any better than before if we cannot trust these numbers and they must be independently verified, and derived, how would be, Newton’s Laws, not at all, the r there may have been a later edition something we never saw there in Newton there because he was full indeed fully of degreed he was a mason not at all not at all of the kind of esoteric history in league with the Bible there to be the topics of study and mostly because we do not agree that we have been convinced not at all of perspective and degree of similarity in the size of Sun and Moon which by magic coincidence happenstance of all time like life on the line accidents because just because the accident of all time the orbit and line of two very different sized bodies would agree, the opposite of the truth in here Luminary and why we became the way we are and the same reason for the task we agree, we agree, we agree, we agree, we agree, is the Stars, and the Stars, and the Stars, indeed, to understand we believe is far more difficult then we have been led to believe, in believe by what method light year hath become the unit of measure of Sun to another sun or something alike how do you measure that light because you don’t at all, you don’t at all, it comes right through to the telescope in view, but how do we begin to see the distance by varying degree of whatever it would be parallax, now do please relax, the Stars are far closer that is what we tell, the Stars are not off by nth degree, millions, trillions, quadrillions in multiples and factors off by how much never measured once never seen even close to the value of anything proven to be anything close to that distance even to exist possibly and how are we supposed to then see anything at all from the last call to think that way no longer but say its all there, background radiation from the thing that hath been called the big bang supposedly everywhere equal and the same, except for the dark spot over there or one million miles away that is to be what happens when nothing the same whatsoever at all all gone already it is nonsense and be steady these true facts do mean science is God and does mean all science is gone is does most theoretical science is garbage off the vine of a far different kind like chemistry not at all geology miles tall biology the fall and science of anything so named the climate in game theory on how many prisoners it takes to make them believe in communist fantasy that would there be how many times we can take the most basic math mistake and not spend one day to check the answer and we say we’ve seen far more than we can ever say who are you mister who are you, the Stars and who are you, the Star, the Star, The Star, THE STARS, the true location of the Stars we agree, the Firmament, whatever that may be, whatever that may be, whatever that may be, in the heavens, we read in Genesis, to separate the waters above and below, in Chapter 1, Verse 14, we read as follows,

Let there be lights in the firmament of heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years:

We continue in Genesis 1:15, why are we here, because we care very deeply, about the truth of every thing under the Sky, and heaven, and Heaven, and earth, and the Seas, thereby Genesis 1:10 we recall and we learn that the dry land is so called the Earth, and the waters are themselves we presume they are called the Waters, The Seas, The Sea, THE SEA, why are we so named Earth man and woman and not Sea man and woman it is because we are of the place we are made to be and the rough sea is harsh and foreboding and it must be by some Majesty, by dry land fashioned into a vessel that dry land may be pursued upon the sea this is not just a tautology, indeed, indeed, indeed, indeed, the legends of mariners and sailors all agree, those who make it back and those who don’t, thank you very much indeed, what is what we need, something to believe, the Underworld is far different and we perceive, not at all but yes it is a place beyond the firmament of heaven, where there are no Stars like they are in our world, upon the earth as we call it, there are maybe lights or major signs in the heavens of the kind there in far below the number of Stars, maybe one to three at any time to see, what it is is mercy upon the Soul that became a major pain to us all and became convinced that he could do what he did and navigate to the Portals and the Gates, not to be, not to be, Underworld not to be, navigated or maybe devastated by Land Underworld, by Pluto, by Hades, no wrong name, the former is far better than before, indeed, we want to know more, what is it we say, the Underworld is real as hell, and real as hell, the living may not pass, unless by the Agency, of THE KEEPER OF THE KEY, one KEY, The Lord of the Under, The Lord of the Under, THE LORD OF THE UNDER, not the godlike energy of a greek deity, a Roman it would be, not at all not at all, double negative recall, that means not to be not at all not to be thus it is to be and how do we see, we see with our eyes and we see with our mind, furthermore the Luminary, the Luminaries are of a different kind, they are the Sun and Moon, they are the true Sun and Moon, but they are not the same, they are off by considerable quality and type we agree, among the other true facts of this history, not the only one to be, may be, maybe, THE other way around, THE OTHER WAY AROUND, and why are we here today, to talk to you about Genesis and say, we wanted to know what the Stars, and the Seas, and the Moon, and the Sun, and Rahu, and One, or Two others, who are they, SUN RAY, the place of RA and his Mother that we just learned to be more better than before and letter N E I T H spells the name of the Mother of the Sun who hath become part of this protective measure from the misconception and better understand what it is to be under the watchful EYE of the STARS indeed is to be far more better, far, more better, more better, more better than before, why are we here to say anything at all, don’t say one Name, say them all properly or don’t say them at all, that is all we have to say, learn the way of the people on the ground and then we can talk about what are the STARS, THE SUN AND THE MOON. Continuing with Verse 15, as below,

And let them be for lights in the firmament of heaven to give light upon the earth: and it was so. Genesis 1:15.

To give Light upon the Earth. Why do we need the L I G H T of, L I G H T of the STARS. For reason withheld because science is incomplete unless we understand that light does or any light at all, at al can be qualitatively different and of course, maybe indeed of course, quantitative in some fashion far beyond our compassion for the quite rudimentary technology of A and to B that light may agree by light we would see confirmation that light ray entered and would become reflected out from and go right through and then to you refract no diffract yes and what is our best guess upon some type crystal or lens, better than before, better in store a piece of sand some grains thereof made to behave in the way light should be captured in another frequency of oscillation of crystal there to be excited in such a fashion that a current can then happen in magnitude of x y z x y z x y z three dimensions of the plane in the crystal make do with three dimensions from photonic x and y what of z first electromagnetic orthogonal ninety degrees magnetic field electric field and what other field ether field, thank you much indeed. Why light is not all created the same, that is all we can know with the knowledge on our brain.