Rahman Hassan this is the day seen by yours truly and one only one fatality known before, Abboud is also gone cannot be found dead below falls so two here

Jesse Michael Crossley on claimed to be the year before Fourteenth April Two Thousand Fourteen

Perla Cabral, age thirty-one on Tenth August Twenty Thirteen falls off nowhere as this was fake as hell they are calling for help thank you much indeed go now to use that place as well needs yt to be on presence here this called for more better than before numbers please no it is August tenth two thousand thirteen why numbers now good ok ok go away stance for easy to see where they went nowhere because nonsense numbers real nonsense a forty footer female is bad news because that is number is going to be the Sage doing nothing at all because ardi behesct and good after all can be to find out where these people went out of time and who knows more on ground duly noted the falls around though as we go got it

October twenty six twenty twelve where we get taken dies rather in lieu he claimed to live lovely words that was wall is off platform of Sun there off to seventy five foot fall means playing football for nowhere known nowhere known nowhere known nowhere known and no names means records been made up locally lehigh valley regional hospital and the whole deadly network is suffering badly right now ok we reads chest and head injuries always means dead in these word unnamed and likely still in capacity get curious and yes back on the way, one

Seven three eleven minors injuries dead later on that was a target for a ritual murder suicide club that comes out the ground quite literally barrels and candles now too more sad we late here also Azus Miteey is gayfag that is suffering now someone seven hundred fifty feet right now really real deal the seal oxygen tank o two very good how is adit called like idiot word yes some before where below the druty sister is why she is here get yes indeed came up mountain air had to hear and see, one and two real dead will call two for true number

Six twenty one eleven with these two are dead as hell are dead as hell we know what is two nineteen year old hikers each nineteen years below ground in captivity in activity if permitted to goes on around that is the seek and capture of victims for got it no it offsite and no not alien no but order of victims classic eaten and killed by aside trail like years ago where to go worse than today end now no names except Peter and Paul tally pleae

nine so far one mine lets not make it two get in to eleven pleae

Robert Bilardo and second male unnamed do not fall here ever you will bible away and this will come up invariably at the ordered place that altars to the lord of rocks in the Judges we begin two twenty six two here cues to perk up we dont like unnamed shepherd’s falls is appropriate to one no one ever seen ok no date required no dates can be found when no dates can be found and they are known both dead that day was more recently recently two energies that day at south rocks that from afar are we to say a male and female that is our kind for change rock eye then lechaweuki of rocks down there undone thank you much indeed was because the stone of the covenants gate keeeper wakey wakey and curiously WEE BEE with on the groove with yt did approve no she told straight bad day for you eye r says the day the oculus is the bad day for everyone on earth everyone on earth stupid to be daft he is gone looking for that person alone not at all several seven tall whatever it is it is not sufficent and he of the Sun shall not be sung as otherly all mankind enemy this thought you yt by years here in the clear hear he cannot be found because he was eaten underground the bear is the coward who does it with seam and crew

Names are as follows of the dead as yet known here list of supports comfirm

Robert Bilardo twelve twenty eight twenty ten

Unnamed male twelve twenty eight twenty ten

Peter six twenty one eleven from unnamed male one

Paul six twenty one eleven from unnamed male two

here delete by save too early while eating here regard like eleven and we are telling you in full here repeater after dum dum ba leader is the mantra for something below eyes on thing and yes we before we two one more now it moves less but it does move for iris she has kissed yt Ge alone to the more resoundingky bad things had on phone glad that he be gone aroubd the souks thanked their stars two Rigel and the unnamed for all names it is how we are you are barely alive that is why it all goes away at all dont eat yet please one more pf the csllk hyuujhhhvgff is from Pisgah regard no at all especially thise speeex females wedding char to ve keenly waits the yt tip too offer fir the next yesr h

Two, the two are the day i pending review are for dates never disclosed this we helping you idiot stay solid for all time

Rahman Hassan, true date to yours truly and now we hold nothing back for this date ap the sixrteen April rhat hes doing things onl lrp does find whywnis is calling of manyliferie

Abboud is next as rhem

caa afre

Crksee kike sees and sighs cannot to get to him yet not spirit can we say one more please go

unnamed oct twenty six flo floors lose close enothb to mayea daye

Notes the khorasan hugwY is afrer you riggt wne. t ca

twl twenth six Judges of the ass of koraaamsans like the hirn for rhgkate

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