ONE, We begin with the false cave of the John Witherspoon Woods in Princeton, called the Devil’s Cave, why, unknown, and we do say the obvious, the structure is a dolmen, is a dolmen, a dolmen indeed, the large, large, very large top stone is a megalith, a very large megalith, that is the roof of this false cave,

TWO, The inside of the cave, highly graffitied, is not particularly interesting, interesting alone for the fact that it is a megalithic structure and is in a mound-like complex that may have additional structures buried and exposed,

THREE, There may be alignments we have yet to uncover, yet to uncover, but the cave exit is not aligned to a cardinal point and may be along a line of sight, line of sight, rather than any other significant alignment, that could change however with further analysis, these are the same grounds with a magnificent effigy face, the standard North American Man on the Mountain effigy face, the sphinx of the woods, out of argillite or diabase,

FOUR, You may be able to see the slope of a mound like facet of the complex, many of them and including a waterfall, a waterfall, a waterfall that is not pictured because it is dried up and a house has built on the ridge immediately adjacent to where the water flow would be,

FIVE, The hillside has curious features carved out of the argillite, indeed this piece below like a couple chambers, couple chambers, indeed the chambers in the hillside the slowly draining chambers of the Piedmont,

SIX, Indeed the flooded chamber drains slowly,

SEVEN, There are recent artificial chambers as well, seen before, not linked, but graffiti of a certain type, certain type, as below,

EIGHT, From the top there is a like a two story drop from the hillside, as below,

NINE, However, when we arrive at the top of the hill, we find certain rocks restricted, like seriously, these are probably the best rocks of the place,

TEN, More,

ELEVEN, Birdie doesn’t know why, yes he does, because bad people, bad people, bad people, bad, bad people, bad people of princeton stole this land, stole this land, and desecrated, desecrated a probably holy site of the Native Americans, very controversial, very controversial indeed and why you will have a hard time, hard time doing any archaeology on Native America whatsoever,