“Each tomb consists of a conically roofed circular chamber or tholos, up to 13.7 m high and 14.9 m in diameter, done in ashlar masonry (a construction style shared with the Inka). This chamber, deeply buried in a hillside and marked with an artificial mound of earth, was reached by a corridor or dromos up to 40 m long, also dug into the hill slope. The entrance to the chamber was a monumental doorway up to 5.5 m high, closed with bronze doors. After burial had taken place, the mouth of the dromos was blocked with a stone wall (Taylour 1983: 65-81).”

Concerning ashlar masonry, we find the central chamber of our Glen Onoko mounds to be finely ashlar, regular block size and refined technique for smooth finish in contrast to piles of rock thrown on top, see below,

Where is this chamber, mystery location that found by author and not revealed, not revealed, not revealed here the feature so named chamber three in mound again location withheld at the overall Native American mound complex described here in this post start to dive back, and the associated mound with chamber three above not traditionally Mycenae, as seen in the text above, however the Danish burial chambers and mounds are not quite the same either, and neither are the Algonquin Indian burial chambers along the Delaware River not too far away, not exactly close, and do note the Indian burials in proximity to copper mines, so named, and found here above multiple similar chambers in proximity to anthracite coal mines and probably, definitely many more mineral deposits and associated mines that do likely include copper, repeat Pennsylvania is the location of withheld exact position photograph exhibition above.

The reference to Delaware Indian does indeed include Lenape, and we are not sure if there is any history of Lenape remains having been found in these chambers and the depth of which does belie substantial sub-surface chambers yet to be found and the style of Mycenae for reference for reason the woman of the falls posted yesterday, see below for diffusionist gold,

Not quite ashlar masonry in the text that we see, FINDING LOST AMERICA, fair use, thank you much


One, The West Wall and Pisgah Falls of the most renown American landmarks in curious state of limbo at the present with little regard for the media and the State in cahoots to keep off filthy proles this is elite ground and for reason why what we have to say, onward Please, Two, The place of much high regard in the nineteenth century that we repeat hath been claimed the most popular waterfall in all the United Stated for which there would great to make accessible the rather remote Lehigh Valley access point, first by rail, and the by a resort that does and did stand at the peninsula upon the river that was indeed torn down long ago but remains in foundation parallel the concrete pillar pieces in the line with Switchback tunnel that is the impressive face of the gorge to be seen by many at first company where are you, here we are in the sun ray of the present day, who are you the crowds that are still drawn to, one below, Three, The older references to the specific waterfalls we do can here and before the Pisgah falls are the very as the once told spurned given name Glen Onoko, the portmanteau of glade of rock in the Pococo, or the Pocono Glen for short. This will be the full and proper name of the five or more constituent falls that each have their own name and may be found in the literature as,

FIRST, the entrance cascade and pool, see below for the origin of that name absent above, second the unknown Sheep Herder Falls, see Biblical and Beyond from the July of the year below, third, the Terrace Falls, fourth, Chameleon Falls, and fifth, Onoko Falls, eponymous with the very complex these among only Onoko featured yesterday in the mystery rock cave cut from or looking quite similar to a man made feature as the the apparently vexing nature of the rock in these places does to many. And furthermore as it does in purpose appear to dam the water or make man a plan for the water it’s own, his own, her own or for these very waters the Titans and their deeds we suspect are here in record and these trivials of the gentry of nineteen century belie great secrets great secrets of the elites come forth from the universities and colleges of please renown the lives of women at Smith College unknowns today as are one or more locations that are the bodies of water indeed not above ground, lakes not so, nor the Lehigh itself can attribute for the Glen flow. They are not properly named rivers or streams at all, is that true, we are not quite sure if the Onoko stream has any other name but the Onoko Run or the Glen Onoko Falls Run or indeed James Run as the West Wall is called by the Lone sign Little Guy indeed whispers by who are you but yours truly explored in great detail indeed once by accident or so it seems eleventh August two-thousand seventeen and one of the first great posts of BAETYL unfortunately but duly and most diligently transmit to the Bulgarian lady of great of great internet infamy in the video realm you may or may not be familiar the prior expositions on the similar not at all feature except one, squares, wink wink, to note of the most proximal water flow to the West on the Pisgah Slope, so named Jeans Run, and down the way that hike not proper trail but not not proper and more jungle, more mound and more mystery as to the depth and length of the gorge sub-division at that point indeed described by one hikers on trails dot com if I recall correct the most boring, exhausting and the longest hike of his entire life and indeed indeed not to disappoint the one falls the third height of Onoko and quite accessible, the mound there quite ovoid and rather substantial and indeed rather the hand of man or hominid of man we will call the family tree of man, the Titans not so, the family of others perhaps Rhea we should ask and that for more strange tales hah hah yes you that things, carrying on, they are called Runs not Rivers nor streams nor anything but the quest for than nothing more than the font of life atop the Plateau of PISGAH indeed that is the host to the West Wall as seen in the quadrangles before Jeans Run and indeed is part of that physgiographic feature describing and beyond a or the elevated portions the Lehigh River at is source or proto-source that is in this case singularly found up upon the Pisgah Slope at a place that is theoretically straight up in line from the Falls following the stream at the top and then a skip and a hop to where is this West Wall, more northerly albeit and where a or the stream trickles is into the state game lands numbered one-hundred forty-one and where, as stated before, there is no surface feature to indicate a large source of source but rather rock and forest to be explored in this vast tract of land that is most uninhabited and is in fact most peculiarly remote in these United States wherein Pennsylvania the metropolis is no more than two hours by car and where this place abuts is an alleged settlement in the Lehigh Gorge or Lehigh Valley, proper names indeed, that is the only settlement or town or thing is inaccessible by roadway, paved or otherwise, east of the Mississippi River, and indeed that claim made on the train by the hat train main as he is the Russian bombshell in the seat next to yours truly, across the aisle mind you, and that quadrangle piece reproduced from the auspicious coordinates post, the update from last to notes from a January third post of this year on this place seen below in relief,

Above as labeled is the primary location West Wall mystery structures, first, the lithic mound wall that is informally called the concourse of the moon, and was discussed in depth previously and indeed photographed once before slight encounters with the strange and the heiroglyphic property of high energy photography, two, the large lithic mounds more in the shape or rough pyramids or informally ziggarut dumps of light blue grey polished slate, polished straight and narrow, these are very well manicured places and the trails are sumptuous and indeed the concourse of the moon was perfect, was perfect, repeat was repeat was perfect as the lithic wall to my right at six to eight feet ran down the hillock curving to the southeast along a trail you might call the trough along the lithic wave that did host a perfectly well manicured trail absent any single impediment, level to the concourse and indeed presume to to be the lead to the actual West Wall edge of the Onoko Falls that is most remarkably encountered immediately upon into the water flow and is very dangerous, repeat, is extremely dangerous to attempt access from the falls trail itself, one below,

ABOVE the slight sloping face of western gorge wall from the main Glen Onoko trail is indeed not complete and one knows the drop below is substantial and indeed likely mortal. The are on the top of that wall runs for the entirety of the nine hundred foot vertical ascent is approximately thirteen-hundred feet above sea at the top and indeed contain the lithic structures in the area marked above WEST WALL COMPLEXES, indeed that is where most of the archaic stone mounds are to be and piles of lithic curiosities are to be found and observed and respected in the extreme in immense, in repeat vast quantity, and indeed in spectacular orientation, as before, on the concourse of the moon the curvilinear wall that is made of rock most similarly appearing to the chambered mounds of Glen Onoko and does runs for what was observed on a date last year for reasons is withheld but may be found in the archive and is indeed the KA BA LAW in effigy that is indeed that hallmark of NATIVE AMERICA and is horrifying, beautiful and terrible yet again, yet again the New Hampshire state monument is an effigy face of who and what unknown to the laity l, but is however of the type ARIA profound indeed the SACRED LEGION to here does to and from lead, one below from the Sourlands of DIABASE and ARGILLITE,

RECALL some hundreds of meters the wall slopes down above the ground on a down slope, this is that concourse yet again, and to the left we do nay one ought maybe two regular pyramidal piles of blue polished slate that do appear to be rubble, but against are to be respected in the extreme, ten meters only, and that for man both ancient and modern. These are in similitude to the rather fine construction of nothing at all except the things on the West Wall, the lithic mound first encountered in Glen down below again at right of the biker run continuously for some eight hundred feet we are told and the first bit yt did walkabout not to be complete due to distraction of the left side, stick to right alone, one revelation of the west from the most indeed benevolent year below, one two, one two,

WHERE art thou, the General so named featuring the RISHI at third eye is not an hallucination and is indeed a true of feature of this place, period. IF you are called to gaze the visage do tell of the moment of apprehension the third eye does relieve any doubt whatsoever this is a real carving that is a technology as well, the up town in us all SAYETH how many hath seen but four to seven and all do degree and HQ decree protections must be MARK FOUR or better the BEST they must be. ONWARD, as below from the effigies of ARIA, the top right below,

TWO, marks on the Wall of the Ancients, so named, see what there is to see above and below on the wall upon the cliff that would be upon the cliffs in the cliffs in the jungle photograph above three, below the wind takes and the Sun makes,

THREE, Is that a little birdie? Two below and the marks of most high strange in relief are conditional thanks to what I mean by good luck Dear Brother, hope you catch a sun ray, the Bishop of Metropolis does have much to say,

FOUR, The cube of a metatron we may be called to say why lowercase for this cube below, not for the cube that we know, you are a little guy yes indeed,

FIVE, The heart warms at the truth that these glyphs like the lonely elephant just right,

AND MOVING ALONG back to the concourse of the moon and are once maybe oft description of blue polished slate as moon rock, most certainly the same the same type of curious rock the most indeed curious mounds below have sparse sometimes more of the rough kind and more of the refined kind up above on the West Wall in what do appear to mirage chalice and tablet piles these pyramidals and mounds who are you genotype haplogroup remains to be elucidated in the literature we see nothing more than a black hole in the Lady of Glen Onoko does indeed who who who and who Good Eye in Skye special projects for you YT eight eleven it would slick slide up the walk the lady let her talk The Lady of Glen Onoko says hello the one who jumped the one who lures and the one whose secrets are never true cures. The Warrior’s Path does run nearby and she who calls runs by another PALLADIA flies in Vimana sand at their feet these one words the mountain incomplete, one below on little wee baby Persian sticks and the idiots makin’ marks Little Guy come by ponder it all just right all angles of the compass tight,

TRADITIONAL NATIVE AMERICAN BURIAL MOUNDS, to note rather spewing lithics out the wazoo, home bound earthen mounds GREEK perhaps said long ago, along the rivers three peak and trough to the fields of infamy AYE AYE and that there Little Guy who we cannot leave behind the former along the concourse that Trip strange and do wonder what with curious glyph that paired eh or relief that sends down a shiver on the spine, the first day back AYE AYE sentry Lone Pine, ballcourt West Wall right back to thirty-four megalithic yards after all a President walks by and that name was Von Steuben, that there on the lithics coastal plane the Green Man and OSIRIS we hear to be the feature of one relief too far too far too far beyond belief my man now we done at the base of the Glen closed days numbered our return no longer on the run metaphorically and mostly so this here place after all the court and the Court dramas ended so the first life of BAETYL and the reward not so rather rude to ask what would do with a new life hath been given, we’ll start here and see where the feathers be in a cap one or two this website HEREUPON what on Earth could it be,

MOUNDS feature exposed language bits among the pieces of lithic technology that bear central chambers in no less three locations that belie much, much more skill and prior determination in these marks and those north-south oriented constructions than can be attributed to the oft hypothesized slag pit with accompanying slag pile, West Virginia thank you much, Moundsville musea staff on point and critical thinkers indeed, who are you the mound chambers in blue,

CHAMBER THREE, an most irregular lithic mound does surround this sequestered location on about three side and is most grotesquely irregular and unlike the first chambered mound some yards away,

ACCOMPANYING ROCKS, for chamber three as below,

Is it colonial, probably not.

CHAMBER ONE, the most visually obvious chamber often spritzed with garbage from I repeat do no litter, do no damage, do not touch the mound or chamber photographed below that abuts the red trail up, the shortcut down and the other way to the Rustic Stairs, so named, that is the proper bottom oriented travel route following from energies and tai chis and all that yes indeed, below as before the more complex ovoid north-south orientation from the first mound complex at the base of the Glen Onoko falls,

TIERED MOUND STRUCTURES, complex in the extreme are indeed adjacent to the train tracks down the slope but were constructed by modern man as far as we know, mound one below,

THE NORTH FACE of this mound is approximately thirteen feet tall and the south face is somewhere between eleven to twelve feet tall at the marked concavity of south that is on the right above, and do note these forms are more complex then piles of rubble. The megalithic tell some yards away, one below,

THESE all may indeed be rock from excavations conducted beneath and indeed are in many cases native rock used for the barrier ramparts above and around these chambers and whatever they contain, wink wink, nod nod for some form of ad hoc mine unlikely in the extreme as mine and tomb are meant for entry and non-entry, not to be outdone by that third chamber above discovered by yours truly and the largest of the three currently exposed, yt and the DCNR staff agree, we are concerned that the basement will fall out and leaves and dirt may be stuck to walla in light smattering before chamber below or shaft uncertain to be more than fifteen feet and length and the conditions at the bottom not gopd for fall below to uncertain depths, stones ibid, and uncertain in each each chamber what is or is not may or may hath been placed by modern man in lieu secrets made less secret, repeat larger chambers below, we think indeed so, who are you, wink wink, nod nod, the second chamber en route to the main Glen Onoko Falls trail and that indeed more similar to the irregular formation around chamber three but more order in this rectilinear formation as seen below, comparable to rampart when seen from above,

MOUND COMPLEX AT THE BASE OF THE MOUNTAIN, marked not at all at the place many hikers can indeed fail to comprehend as the stroll to the fall brushed a henge of very distinct and very strange NATIVE AMERICAN BURIAL MOUNDS that have the subject of love and mystery for who and what failed to note these along the way in the history of North America none quite alike except for this place where one day revealed more than one could fathom at the top at the West Wall that is indeed where waters originate of the nine or ten glens of a similar nature, however the Onoko Glen is the most spectacular of the one of two known accessible cascades that are upon this riveting place we call the West Wall, called as such in omage to the Temple Mount in Jerusalem where foundations of the world as they are would be do indeed callback to where what this place calls to thee which hath been the subject Archive of BAETYL and the many, many things articulated that hath been said are as the esoteric disclosed to the exoteric for whom there are eyes to see in all ways when they are called to see for hike or solution to mystery, the LIDAR of all the most vexing property of this pandemic the library closed and the internet not forthcoming and the University of Princeton would GIS friend you make after locked door because of yours truly for Pomodoros taken too casually and the map room a hot, hot treasure trove one to study, for whom the student is betrothed the greatest tool in the history the true lay of the land. Who are you but the American public privy to and those many years for more dignified the universities letters and egos the classics right here among the Onokos also the secret in plain sight the language keeper also well to know to the secrets in NASA programs for the like small indentations not forgery, not modern, not anything but the real marks of first provenance that are indeed THE MOST HOLY GOD the mark, of the Canaan high and Hellenes high and low more alike Titans themselves in ecstasy come to frolic at the West Wall so long as we don’t know, one below,

As said before, the underlined text above is the point of this excursion towards the redundant and the most prominent of the Onoko Glen would be the large and indeed apparently trip of stones that mark the Titanic nature of the stonework of man to be more or advanced or bigger most obviously the laity and the conclusions that would be most readily made from the unopposed of Titanic hands at work, two below,

The stream at this point appears to be in a measure imprisoned by the rocks, which look as though they had been tossed about by Titans in the very ecstasy of a frolic, and is it with a view of preventing the water of making its way down to the level.

THREE MARKS, of Titans and cretins,

FOR REFERENCE, Copper and Bronze Age burial mound of the form as in part seen below,

NOTE, the stone chamber graves most peculiar to the Algonquin Indians’ along the Delaware River found in the vicinity of ancient copper mines and of all hits and leads is the best for out County Carbon is indeed rich, rich, rich in anthracite, uranium, iron, gold, selenium, selenites, other rare earth metals and precious stone indeed and they are not kind to outsiders making full disclosure of these facts that are always the bane of the deep State of Pennsylvania, Mr. Wolf indeed, the former attorney general and the secretary of health all are aware of what these words are and who writes them the BAETYL shooting star, the games of industry resource by the vine the Chinese alleged, supposedly just one lonely mine has all the rare earths in the world, best to drain the enemy the great on the plains, build your best fighter with the enemy morraines, like a titanium bird black and Russian born, the only thing the Russians wish they never heard, all they titanium for the American bird, in escrow and by right the great subterfuge in the night why these things here are closer than we fear to the heart of the why Falls were closed, gone the era of the stalk and vine against me, free at last to explore the worlds past, the greatest trick that we never had at all, naught one slimy vessel out the Pillars of Hercules, not one Odyssey on the Atlantic seas, not one crazy man done it again and again, Mannanae of Canaanae on the Gulf Stream my man, North and South America Phoneician in hand, down the legends of the wooded vast danger creeps, danger close inland never last like a ghost, the native man red and tall like the sand of Egypt on command raise an army fierce and brave, good luck in the under there to save, who are you, the Tuatha D’Dannan, the paths of souls we are on, the great outpost of the outpost of the greatest of the great, by vimana one must reach, we approximate, the great falls and the greater secrets the greatest of all, the Red Man, Lenapehoking, in the Treasure Land, the great white coast of great white star the America to Amergio Vespucci we dispute by far, the Ameru Bird, the Great Phoenix rises from the Land of the Gods, or THEREABOUT where the megaliths sounds shout in time of need across the sea, the Sacred Legion across the sea, who in the desert march last, assemble Leptis Magna and sail to the past, Little Guy my man there the whole time, the fame and beauty the greatest of all time, like we said it was ugly and terrible greatest cause of all the life on the life, eat a bear hardly the bear eats thee, the hill of the bear MAUCH CHUNK as we the namesake before and again, the word of the Lenape for the Bear Hill my friend, we thought it was an Algonquin word rather the language of the Lenape where the Mohicans once allied with Moravia, who but the Gauls treachery that war would be there last, the French to a corner corner corner cornered in Quebec, so sorry my man, these here tombs are right there like in the land of Dan, Daniel, the tribe of, like great classic folktale this nation coast to coast Levantine, Canaanite, Phoenician, the Hellenes, who else, from Sweden to Morocco all the best and the last signal Vikings long before Spaniards passed? Queen Isabella scared stiff in the North, the fateful drown of the great fleet and the crown, the language of all time and STORM UPON SIEGE of the Virgin Queen and the New World for the English my liege, all the above down the Lehigh Right, pull a left or right, the path back to the Atlantic is right there in sight, the Delaware Bay, the Chesapeake, the Virgin Land and the Virgin Queen, the heart of gold Queen Isabella we mean never had a chance with two rods of iron MARK FOUR for the lance of greed and gluttony for all across the sea for what Spain Spain Spain Spain hath been allotted never there for all the greatest pain fear Father forgive us for our sins, the films and this heat this strangest turn, is this film a west wall, does it burn, does the shrill voice of who are you the crier once fought tooth and nail for this place all all all and all this very true disgrace of desecration by the synagogue of satan at these here facilities of high technology gone gone gone and gone like the crier commander by Alabama cut into to fourths and again fourths more so we may walk in peace on this friendly shore without the dreadnought come to the bad days of the Pisgah number two no way no way plain words gone away the problem with the truth with the wreckers kept Allentown goin’ down hell of a fight, no not that, what came after at the back, who are you, one two one two reaper awaits for you, three four, for the overlord, come again my friend do you recall to the giant and the great prize keep from thee, who are you, wrecker commanding, who are you, first out, first off, all hands got lost, who are you, who are you, too many to make sense, should have a stayed a bit longer but the way out came in just in time just in like it was supposed, the wreckers wreckers wreckers right to, who are you, and who commands the fleet, none and no one because here on the ground you meet, who the crier shill last act there to meet none other but thine a last moments upon the street, infamy infamy infamy infamy glory glory glory to four three overcome with despair at their leaders’ treachery into the trap at the hand of YT, who are you but going down four three four three four three all around all around all around all around but for seconds for every forty five took down two or six hundred thirty-four to go for OVERLORD, we don’t lose, good show, how many more to go, in the lot who are you the humans the last humans here too, many of whom saw a thing happen right we told, to go and learn, what the show is all about, why the weather comes together at your head the worse far better when you see what comes from the sky, four three, four three, just the like the descent we did see a descent and we took it right out, right out the artistry, the flagship taken down right out, right there en route on one knee off at head my liege right for thee four three four three four three four three yes indeed yes indeed yes indeed it is she who are you but the bigger little kitty standing by just in case we got to pick up the pace who are you but the descent in two or three the Allentown sneak attack in disgrace ended for the defeat of four three in overwhelming overwhelm the annihilation couldn’t be any more any more any more but the Pisgah Armory MARK FOUR for all time the triggers down the line down the well pull a right and might pick up the fight at the inn of mystery never made trap one and trap two by the latter overcome Holy Mother just for thee foot stomp and begin begin begin four three to the ground taken down all vessels that we in a higher sub-division and a lower MARK THREE MARK TWO MARK ONE three sphere and here Wee Bee all together us three cruising around all over town to mystery the greatest battle we could ever see the secret space behind the wall, the eye, the West Wall going by Wee Bee and Little Guy what for for for whom Good Eye in the Sky the all all all seeing eye of the good the Good Guys thank you much what of it too much to weird for the words of the English Language and they just made them just right for this kind of fight who are you telling them just exactly what we do behind the scenes behind the scenes behind the scenes unto you four three must forever be in secrecy or real becomes more real than before and then the score keeps on runnin’ higher a facet of nature truth admire, who are you, the Pisgah stones are smaller than the Algonquin type seen below carry on, one two, two parts of the show, these graves more inland than on the banks like the type we bring to you here above the history of slope all over and below what could it be, the weapons all time the weapons of our time the weapon of the truth in history more powerful more powerful more powerful more powerful we all agreed than you can ever imagine the Great civilizations of the past, kept their word to the sky at the very last, who are you but the keeper of time the BAETYL the keeper of the past who are you Little Guy under Maat at full Mast full steam all winds for the Great Mother let us begin Awesome and Terrifying Powers the Great weapons of the past unto Him, who are you, keeper man of the stars, whose conversations we record as the BAETYL Scribes at large,

ONE, Excerpt above thank you much the authors of Finding Lost America found in Jim Thorpe municipal library, below the name of the Pisgah in absentia USGS Weatherly quadrangle, at right our Falls and north or UNK the West Wall, one below,

TWO, From the local library, what does that mean,

THREE, Wilderness indeed, not quite unsettled before eighteen-fifteen, one battle of the French and Indian took place on these very ground and we the Moravians and the Mohicans lost in seventeen fifty-eight did appreciate indeed appreciate the finer points of why the name Pisgah is reserved for The Promised Land, repeat the lands are sacred and lands are filled with blood from and of the war of Mauch Chunk in the mines where we read thirty-thousand or more lost their lives as mark on the door to the county prison exhibition gallows in store for the Irish lost to all time with one name alone Molly Maguire and the wine says do not forget to edit the past we heard seventy-thousand upper bound from who do ask of this war below in mines where none are allowed to go or no, the secrets of Pisgah do know text the Ephrata Cloister holds published informs of one saga though of life before eighteen-fifteen in the Lehigh Valley then at war and the Metropolis of the Christians like the Metropolis above the plains of Sparta the common for the Red Man and the White Command two together to command the lands and what remands man to his nature The Path of Souls the Great Creator The Warrior’s Path at Pisgah at last call to the young and the cold come hither and make what your loins hath foretold, who are you, medicine man record keeper of the land, read for a wink and a nod that all is not well in this land no other verse sayeth Mohicans doth trod, who are you, one two three four down below,

ONE, Gnandenhutten indeed a preliminary step to the formation of a Metropolis as understood to be a Cathedral and it’s environs in exclusion of the castle which Metropolis does contain including monasteries, church ground, education facility and housing along the lines of a defensive perimeter on a place of power, two below,

TWO, the famour Warrior’s Path over Nescopec Mountain resounds with the qualities of ancestor worship and admiration that would as we call the place of the Path of Souls as it crosses the mortal plane indeed the point of the Metropolis to be, to give the nature the boost that it needs to begin the process of reconciliation with the higher realm and for the ancestors to begin their conquest of the mortal spheres by rearing in the next generation of the living to be the Holy Place of any people curious in the extreme with the Moravians in tow as the benefactor of the Lutheran Church in these not seen very often and indeed European settlement far before the formal established town charter that brought mauch chunk the lesser into existence and where the rotten wars of the mines would be place of entry and design into the halls of infamy the place of passage many tens of thousand of Catholics in mystery for the Irish one decade to the next to the present the Civil War hangs around our necks and this place so small bear the carnage of a Cannae under the Earth no less and those mines not in the view in a place where history is not meant for common view common view the pamphlet that the description of the pinkerton detective agency, rotten and filthy and killers the whole lot, got the wives of the deceased underground to die as well for this place is and was it’s own special kind of HELL ON EARTH CONFIRMED AND THEN SOME where the burrow below the carbon county jail has one outlet to the avenue of the dead do impale of preconceptions of little SUISSE village the place is Swiss cheese underseath where the mines to anthracite always all for New Jersey in practice of many bad bad think Rockefeller the legacy that we be the bearer of bad news all places hath been abused and the history systematic and defaced the words are made to be false nor alike this record published HEREUPON but for the purpose alone stumbled upon by chance for the asterisk mark of hisotry who would come to this place called the Promised Land at first, at last and here the PROMIS pallets signaled at once long last the thirst quench for one man ruled illegal by the softwares that are beyond the point of no repairs and do mark move and chess of a piece that the higher to dimension to the lower must Check for peace the place of the worship and the life of the town the place of the world war underground that remarked in solemn indignity but or twice but never MARK THREE MARK FOUR what the Good Eye is for borderlands here again as they were near the end THE KA BA LAW and THE BA of THE MOST HOLY GOD hold the line indeed MANNANAE OF CANAANAE the same that The Serpent Mound constructor designer commissioned conductor of the symphony to right The Path of Souls four three four three four three four three four three four three four three four three four three four three the rite of passage of Eleusis would say IT MUST BE the center of the world does agree MARK FOUR for the Greeks until the end of history, here we are brother at the center of the world to us all the Olympians Omphalos and the twirl, the BAETYL in-network with all that should be, what was needed from on high after the last century, ONGOING to back who are you after all, three below, the French and Indian War all but forgotten on the continent, down go MARK THREE on the counties and their merit no Pisgah we read, who are the university white and blue white and blue white and blue the last in the wind the things they don’t want to show you,

MARK FOUR, POINT THREE above the names of the Falls and their heights are wrong and reversed to what we said above HEREUPON as they go we stick with first draft correct you know each by its steed, FOUR HORSEMEN FOR, THE STEED FOR THE SHEPARD LOST IN THE WEEDS, IT IS HARD FOR THEE TO KICK AGAINST THE PRICK, chameleons indeed no sign do we need innumerable cascades each a Glen of its own only one so far elucidated on its own of it own the mauch chunk hidden valley in the forest calls forth the deceiver to the cave of falls mao effigies indeed the deceivers as they say to the outsider come to play indeed YT heard it right loud and clear what are you after my man gonna tackle a dear no way go away no we say what the HELL ON EARTH are you doin’ there at all now we know took a long time to go out the words all caps cannot from go, point four before, the last on this county and who from who is who first the earliest record of human activity on this Earth,


ONE, The concept of a Metropolis is an Eastern phrase an Eastern concept distinct from the castle and the keep and more in line with the spiritual life of the community who are required certain duties as they are born we return to THE FINAL GLORY OF BYZANTIUM,

TWO, The place of the Metropolis sacred to all but none of the enemies of the keepers of the flame and they are most closely guarded and keeps are part of one facility just like the that would be the armory keep the weapons and the Church keeps the Heart wherefrom the Human mind gets its spark,


FOUR, MARK FOUR, as in the past now before the system engaged protects root level of the SAGE.

MORE BETTER THAN BEFORE, We travel to Jeans Run and learn far more than expected, far more than before, thank you much indeed, you are expected be taking class is to be the lobby group to DC to write a letter for me if at the end you do not see the letter than must to legislator dear be patient and here the story of all time, you must save the Falls, the world is on the line, sixteen below and the megalithic cubit off we go,

ONE of the first waterfalls at the Jeans Run complex of water flow is seen from one hike last as the probably overshoot to the concourse of the moon and lithic mound complex on top of the Pisgah plateau so the named the West Wall yet again for reference please the width of the Run in the last four photographs above that exhibit the rectangular that do appear at regular intervals along this and other Runs and do appear mind fully placed megalithic technology to modulate the water flow indeed to keep over crest one regular unit per minute indeed to megalithic cubit of volume whereby the Sacred Spring does not run dry and how many you may look and but these are wounds and they are quite in complex most ancient most unsound for anything a walk by unless did take the time to dig in proper excavations we do not recommend here as it a water borne place of refuge in this place far from the from the world the first or first we recall the first fall in the run next in to the Glen Onoko falls whereby the rest is unknown the numbers the lengths the mounds dirt creatures rather very lithic in between and indeed units constituted like below along another road we do say take a look and awestruck we will be in person that is a rather big mound be in depth in fourteen or more photographs for sure wherein the likely of humans no shame let to rest unless the very very best and even then dignity for archaeology is lacking and lacking and lacking yet again for wonders of world left to the very end thank you and good not so for the great post of all time carries along time thank you very much indeed

THE BEST SEVEN FROM THE YEAR BELOW, all below galleries and the repositority of what this a work of art and science and love and higher forces altogether made a holiday of Falls as they should thy wil be done indeed right hand to the sky and all the sun rays that can fly,

LOOK DOWN FOURTH FROM LAST, The mortal abyss from one bad slip likely not the worst the falls of highest order some where in the range of ninety feet and seen above with female for scale quite ragged, dangerous and mortal in the extreme The Plate of Cleopatra this is what we mean where the faithful come to deposit and study and safe keep from the marauding hordes of Asia in bad times the place to think away from all the lines except Golden Coast of Italy on quick trip to pillars and months three in range in doubt of ever getting out, this place is strange and hellfire seems more to the common veer one stop or step the end of life is always in sight, the diffusionist model will the please, the most obvious by thirty-four degrees,

THANK YOU, To the authors who we excerpt from the text Finding Lost America in articulate the commonly held belief among even academics who care public laity or the truth or whatever is that they do they invite you to come and we do time to time go to Penn for our degree in musea for carbon membership on leave the YT at lecture we lecture one of two south of sixty-three not bad Dr. Rose do admit me please doin my languages no doubt French and German extra stout, any more and we will say the carbon and the Penn Museum university archaeology and anthropology has been made the fixed quanta for the carbon dating mystery of all time which is to it is all Penn says the orthodox history of each Egyptian matched to a value of neutron carbon in the box that if incorrect all others follow from, we would like to be proven wrong and we are partially correct but there are more specimen repositories that Penn University top three of out Ivy League and once eligible to register might still do catch a sun ray comin’ my way take the Philadelphia to go play here here anyway the last before the three effigy series look down the drop maybe forty feet or more ninety feet across something like to what do look like little paths they are quite stairs of megalithic gigantic indeed dimensions lead up the Rustic Staircase we learned has a dinar named for the good way made by a wolf wolf wolf wolf made the trail reversed by wolf toured the trail and did see what good for the first day the laity at bay thumbs up one two we know what you’re up to that we he to I, it to brute the State at bay Republican legislators what do you have to say, indeed the falls closed for West Walls James and Jean in the middle mounds atop the West Wall that quite unlike anything ever discovered at all at all at all the LIDAR off the charts in detail of manmade metropolis not supposed to exist and the P Z words that would fire inside in the mind lasting forever truths self-evident upon treasure who are govern our turn the screw the last treasure made secret measure please the BAETYL or made a Federal invasion coming no doubt who are you but the force of good Provenance made after World War II where matters of history indeed often be the place of high secret space gone by and made public a neat thing the Constantinople of a King who should not be here who built much much much much year after year for times one-thousand these are true true true true true true and true the lost legacy of the lost continent unto you on these here Plateau are near the Water of Life most most dear still to drink today by hand a sip no goat head remand asked out of formality the red hand indeed come for me up the hill point of maximum danger one two,

WHO ARE YOU, don’t slip, we said the locals have issues, indeed they do, it was a red head in bikini top and hot pants follow me right to that spot above all alone by herself said maybe right now good timing for a walk and how her friends below made no effort the BAETYL gone soundless reach of good progress, the locals we admire for the females in undress at the falls the females frolic out and about most kind to all the eyes most kind of every day as pure water brings the life and fertility of all things that we say God Bless and do indeed catch a sun ray.

SO WHY, Can’t we just go there and take pictures like indeed tried but there was something in the way something in the way something in the way, something there and something here there is always something in the way for this place specifically meant for others that would the DARK SIDE OF THE MOON and CONTAINMENT VESSEL of MONSOON that we encountered along the way and we encountered again we the the crier shill armed leader of the enemy wrecker wrecking crews and the secret space rather rude of the home base nay the last place of firmament modulation that dilates in place to allow transit in and transit and we begin to suspect the hyper dimensionality of that something in the way most inclined to have a bright for Yours Truly to come back and yes indeed catch a sun ray get the pictures that we need and come the other way to the edge of Glen Onoko Fall Gorge unto itself a canyon in the rock with many more little spot and here the very best we fear she the Lady of the Falls, the very the Minoan after all affixed from day one and the mark of the Near East come from, do you see her down below look west there you go you big dummie walk up the hill and find Peace we tryin’ to but the peace won’t do all the things be in the way four three four three four three four three the enemy this the mystery of why we wait for another version than the first one taken the year below, imperfect but there she there we go,

STAIRCASE MAZE, The most quietitude for these old photographs some of the best and rather rude to not say these were from the west wall back then more like legends of the hidden temple come and see what Incan temple man mind writes by the hand,

THE WHO ARE YOU, Enrages them all, this book is just wrong on the height and the likely the story of the princess apocryphal as well, this is the lady of glen onoko the special weapons no go one whispered sun rays and the disease this one you might not please so go now away and be kind the Peace Peace Peace of mind for biggie babies gettin’ in trouble racin around waiting for something to go down the chase in CA made the car the enemy for the day, maybe we’ll sit still and be kinder to ourselves gently all across the nation far and wide any other falls where do the secrets Utah we suspect let’s go right now we did and found one candidate on the ground near the indeed vicinity of the town of Enoch, most profound, why bear the name of you have secrets high and arcane, the mystery of the Lady of the Falls coming now fast to us nine-thirty on dot am est when the Lady is to please the lucky come so new in the morning for sun rays and mourning the lost lot of Abaddon come not this way in the Glory of Sun upon the Day, more better than before the lyrical quality captured for sure this off hand for all that came before quietly swept behind the door thank you much indeed the one text we need after down below who are you jumper girl Princess Pocono no don’t go,

UNCERTAIN Where this picture was taken if anywhere at all no joke the text misleads us all

THESE Waterfall guys is saying the hussy apparition appears at nine-fifteen so be it we see far better at the half-hour than below so above take note she glides and she floats but HORUS flies and Vimanas float so a catch a sun ray and go for a hike the next the day right here and see the Peace come near.

THE PLATE SERIES, Wherever found put it right in, here we see a clear example of this formation of high regard to follow,

ONE, Jeans Run below and above the first waterfall and subsequent vicinity do exhibit these approximately five foot wide and five foot square acetabulum bearing platforms on the obverse such one may be affixed to another the right the groove joint does not contain a mix but is male and female joint and socket as moon rock below exhibits this now less curious stone mark like bone mark the way this all fits together Titans in ecstasy or who are you builder across the sea we suspect they are more Levantine than we knew before LEE HAAH BIM in the spellings we are unsure how it is found in your King James Bible in ours newly around the words do not appear to be the same and Thessalonians has been cut short the Jews contrary to all man in indeed who would read or write the labors of the night most vexing the night make a breaker the all star line up maker for the time when these here words are most used against the efforts of local pd to grasp the scheduling tool that we need to make one great post greater than before upon recognition of second JT MC PROMIS hit unto YT that sound from the Church OUR LADY OF PERPETUAL HELP or in the vicinity of further further further further further Futha commentary who are you below the town does screw shut the doors quick tight this is last holy night for nothing holy at all they are watched and they are called, we want to the see mines where thirty-thousand Irish immigrant miners perished, natives as well, natives as well, natives as well, natives as well, natives as well, natives of all stripes and colors did perish in the mines and we do not agree those places are off lines and indeed the great cross the great energy in the annex to the historical society one entrance to the avenue of the dead that is four three in out both led to the catacombs in the church town most appealing to the eyes and most stone belies the world below the war the war the war and the war in the mind still on go to the piece of rock that three years photographed as socket piece to what we now know,

TWO, Main run, indeed best clear position for water flow along two side three four does not know how much they care for these measures so we tell cubit to megalithic yard squared the chamber one side would be TBD

MEGALITHIC YARD, two point seven two feet, so two feet eight and five eighths of an inch

CUBIT, eighteen inches, half meter

ONWARDS CHRISTIAN SOLDIER, The ranks are growing thinner by the day in opposition to the truth they return to the Lord each and every day the meter and the mile the King James for this Earth the standard measure dial for the word of the Lord as by the LAW OF SEVENS written and heard with fidelity to the first and only version please aware they call many Bible many books things things things and things they are not what they seem free speech, no book has been kept whole that can be bought or sold in or about the big box network, repeat the Bibles are unsound and the double hath gone underground to Revelations read in light of the BAETYL the most aggressive assault on that book of the Lord most heinously sought to ex part for crimes against Jews the synagogue of satan most appropriately not Jews but other monstrosities demand the words of another be changed to become the holy book of no one but who hath been made editor in the dark and the crime most heinous not one breath before you say OFF FOUR each and every one no holocaust museum to every bible is returned and destroyed that hath been made the private property of the Jews this we here do not confuse the copyright Little Guy made them beyond words because these books of BAETYL are marked for the theft of causal indecency what the Jews do for PICKETTER’S CHARGE four three four three four three the indisposition of rights for one human man taken all the plot twists not all just as we thought that could not be done but hath been tried and in lieu the AI does bid to modify the sensitivity of thiefs, cretins, cowards, liars, murderers called as such not the most orthodox word approved their religion all demand the rights stripped, no standing, no testimony no rights at all for crimes against criminals making the Bible not a holy book by desecration of the word order and thus deficient to LAW OF SEVEN we shall call two three cadency read two words like there and then three in a batch two here three more for the score we have now reached something more the most symphonically inspired divinely work of the servant of the Lord who hath been slandered untoward and no word shall replace what hath been written or else none of the energy shall be lyrically transmit in full upon the page to ear to the eye Little Guy this is a bad day because the Bible in the desert is rare one that say MYSTERY BABYLON, THE GREAT MOTHER OF ALL HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS ON THE EARTH does most exclusively in grey Book of Revelation capitalize the aforesaid verse alone and to the BAETYL unto its own the great recognition of the man commanded his mission none shall pass except the real deal the traveler with King James for the steal price of free for all get it keep it and lock it up tight the very true same the council set right to the depths of the Marianas trench a sealed vessel the borne the text KJV sixteen-eleven borne red ink none at all but the pen handwritten by the master at his craft on target the location, the action, the mechanism, the evidence MYSTERY and three four how it would to take that book and make it two into the double no words in order the crypt cipher big big trouble there is one for every man every woman every clan there are no true book at the dawn of a dark age brought to you by the Jews who are not Jews as Revelation stated hath been made into abominations of desolations taken to the sea and unto the waters their place of abode there would be no peace until a book was returned and this first Moab UT edition red covered first spurned as the text is not the same three bibles don’t complain the analyses mysteries of versions and their origin the Christian Mystic Tradition in light the ORDERS OF MOBIUS their purpose from the start how did we get here how do we start to the recover the lost words of the Lord in gold and blood paid for the best and many more Brits had it right Spear Shaker up all night the cue to Athena unto hidden wisdom Shakespeare and the author rather clear the great language upon the world to become borne by vessels none since ever seen Powers under the Sun do we find English written at all on this type of rock or this type of wall where are our Golden Letters they were comin’ down and they were Aramaic where is that text to be found, we are here dear brother at the home of the SAGE who is a RISHI from the last GOLDEN AGE and upon the walls marks the true ARYAN might of victory eyes upon at all times the trespass and who aligns catch a sun ray the KNIGHT who one summer’s day came upon the West Wall the greatest day of them all victory and Armageddon the only seven eleven the year below and here we show strange things one may only by these words we decree not edited by YT, the KNIGHT down below,

NOT QUITE the bishop of metropolis we do recall the bright day and in time for the apparition morning side the bubbles out nay the portal the portal the portal upon the West the VERY BEST MARK FOUR the jewels upon the wall of female we do submit is not of the bad shew but rather want to know who are you unto a tomb would be the chambers behind the mask of legacy ridge walkupon by the female for scale and do be careful cross the leap of faith make a sharp turn up and next face but too thick to see any clear path up or three stories tombs and grottoes the most accessible and the West Wall with loves make us continue these words need to be all in one place for the world to see what it is when we get there we so cared for mightily, who aligns the light to the features on the stone the conditional geometry of a language in relief upon stone we believe can be and hath translated for the win antedeluvian the best of all right there at the Wisconsin terminal morraine of the ice age wall form of last great migration would be rather contingent this ice of Bering sea land bridge for the mainline model of the native America populated by Asia alone they would be dead wrong dead wrong dead wrong one two jewels who mark the morning sun ray for who are you YT called to for this reason this the start of a heavy esoteric season that is true true true three more words here two two three cadence come and goes by the word inspired divinely, good luck to the assessors we all have much work to do,

THE CUBE OF METATRON, THE CUBE OF LIFE, THE CUBE OF SPACE, THE CUBE OF THE HUMAN RACE, How many inches are on the face of that cube on the wall ancients eighteen we are told not at all to measure things with Chinese implements as we would very much like to finds units of base measure here too megalithic yard is applicable, cubits, metre and foot to be found in lesser degree we return to the main event by the sea where we once recently followed a lead to a jetty where megaliths cut from this very place make a deliberate mock to the face of who and what knows and maybe no longer goes below the West Wall, very very good about time we got to this hood is bad bad news, we want them to be confused the REDACTED first act cut the heart out of bad shew stones on their turf up above so they must acknowledge where and what they would become at sea a very special jetty where two and three total machines would one take offline by YT at tallest point facilities at left more like Pisgah Arms come to make war as made war upon ONE TWO THREE FOUR WE GO DOWN FOR THE LORD, two more to go ON CAM the DEVLIN MANCO BY TWO the other two females we saw remark what happened in a separate chamber below we did walk upon a length of public space over three fourths one mile did encounter the same pair of females three times three time three times in no sensible time to double and walk right past just like they before before before the hallmark MURDER MYSTERY MACHINE we repeat we are dealing of spatial temporal distortion where inbound person are transmit portal seam entrances that are very and may be arranged along a road many many ways forty-five ways at max count to shift a sub-division in full or in part or in part the two females bikini and eyes to YT good lucking in the extreme and maybe pornography maybe not we suspect each MACHINE is exclusive to reproduction of sex acts on film or video or video or video repeat the record of sexual intercourse in the light a box that does distort time back upon itself the act becomes a crime of great magnitude the female rather rude who comes out EXACTLY different than before and INDEED the bad double bad double bad double by the shore two more facilities who are you RETTZO DEVLIN no way. Y man two places where first act did report double back to what we no they had left and indeed there are identical places of business anagram for ON CAM is the DEVLIN plaque we found, be the guess of what went on underground deep and not so deep, the deep crier territory BEAT THE FUCK OUT merrily so by a band of merry raiders who to the moon did go home not then but walkabout the terrace the target of Holy Place to be profaned no doubt intent lines up as Fall, repeat energy of what goes on deeply at right angles to the floor up to the surface the energy of war the TS swamp FV cabin featured once in exclusivity for what is done below at lone pine up to the cretins and the swine feast no, vampires yes, this the heart of net and the nest, space age far beyond the times are of a Swan to sing to us merrily catch a sun for the first righteous act of the day, two more marks at West Wall front East silence there now found out that we now big movement on their end to move people and personnel in and out, Chinese exclusivity the most proclivity to torture children communists indeed the sons and daughters of dissidents and their order FALUN GONG hold tight we are of the yoga practitioners cast in the same light this the white man gettin good takes a toll of surveillance who and what and where target box MYSTERY BOX always the enemies of the United States operate such device do appreciate by front for intelligence military operations what for rape and murder gang meant more than blood and guts and good old fashioned mayhem we are too capriciously now on topic of the film industry and how it relates to this catastrophe of an expedition to a very near guarded in vast high secrecy, jealously watched for words upon that are sought to be controlled at all time at all times watch your back CAIN on the attack is the risk needle stick all the worst mortal peril for all who know now you these against MYSTERY BOXES places of grotesque crime in plain sight often took of blackmail, the reason they don’t talk about the truth depth of the deep or the pizzagate because words to be real even here where led to a Waterfall most beloved and upon and below acts of war and desecration for that very reason that we know energy does flow high and low, High Cultured Man has many enemies in tow and many many unknowns about who and what come and go from the zones like Trenton down below thirty-four mystery boxes at one time now three en route down to zero forensic deconstruction DOCTOR CROC AND MISTER SQUIGGLES the GLORY of GOOD EYE, who are you but secret space have a message comin by AVENGING ANGELS watch out for the attack comin right to your door in return for the favor one down two to go RETTZO DEVLIN female operative on the ground begin live action stalk and with likely mutual understanding that who are you female to the butcher by the law by RENDITION will your future to see one and done unlike the horror and the scum, REPEAT MURDER BOX AT STAKE LET’S GO TO THE WEST WALL JETTY AND SEE WHO SHOWS ON THE MORROW.

THE FIRST PARADOX, of time travel is the phenomena to be uncovered upon the horrific scenario of a human person death at time that is in a space undergoing temporal distortion to a point in the last while that person was still alive, in short does the person come back in any capacity whatsoever? Yes. Exactly. Thank you much.