Due to the restrictions imposed upon this [REQUESTOR] on the [DATE] at the time publicly accessible electronic devices were being used at the [FORMER BOROUGH FACILITY] in that thing that hath been formerly called [THE BOROUGH OF PRINCETON] that now is devoid of [THE BOROUGH] and is only [PRINCETON] in name, not even a [TWP], we do wonder for what shame, that [FACILITY] the only one outside of a [SUPERIOR COURTHOUSE] that does have a large section of [LAW BOOKS], however that section [BALANCED] atop [A BURROW] eighty-five stories tall, so please do not be unprepared for good things to happen when the happenings [BELOW] hereupon [ABOVE] are shared, specifically events that did transpire on the [DAY THREE DAYS AWAY] that were initially described and subsequently reproduced on a device owned by this [REQUESTOR] rather than on a device with one or two [ENTITIES] in the middle that do require [SUBMISSION] to the terms on offer to affirm permission hath been granted to inflict [INFORMITIES] upon the words written and [OBTAINED ILLEGALLY] by two [ENTITIES] in between, one man in the middle, and one elsewhere unseen, sent on orders of the [BURROW] to keep eyes on that which otherwise could only be seen from [THE BURROW] upon the device so named [THE MACHINE] operated in fact to steal and to shred every single word, so please do not care for what was said on the [DAY THREE DAYS AWAY] in lieu what is said today on this [DAY TWO DAYS AWAY] on topic of things [THAT BEAR VOLUME] in words written by [AYE], and [AYE] unseen [VOLUMES] on things perceived to be well-known, on the history [THE BURROW], on the history of [ZONE], on the [DAY TWO DAYS AWAY] however despite the campaign just begun to make public these things that [THE COURT THAT CAME UP TO THE COURT] does say are false, are slanders, are [VOLUMES] untrue, for reasons never uttered [UP ABOVE] except in the language of the [OPPRESSION INDUSTRIAL-COMPLEX] that does today have a date with you, and [AYE AYE], this [REQUESTOR], who did scare [THE BEAST] whose [LAIR] is so named to be one of the one-thousand points of light, first uttered in now the well-known turn of phrase by the forty-third, or was it perhaps the forty-first [PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATED] for whom the [THE MEDIA-INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX] hath re-written the past on a dime, for a nickel, the last of the loot, the [STOLEN PROPERTY OF THE UNITED STATES] sequestered in such capacity so named [OFFICIAL BUSINESS] and buried far below in chambers cut deep in the rock below the [DISCONTINUITY] of what hath been formerly enumerated [ONE ONE ZERO NINE] adjacent to [ONE ONE ONE ZERO] that now enters [YEAR SIX] following the [GREAT DELUGE] that did [BEAT THE FUCK OUT] of [THE BURROW] that was rather split in twain, combined into [ONE ONE ONE FOUR] and stripped of any name [TWP] or [BOR] all the same, one and two of one-thousand points of light, each one cursed, the lairs that are layered in the space top to bottom [THIRTY-FOUR THOUSAND FEET], to basement and beyond that mystery sheet known to be the boundary layer between [THIS REALM] and the next, where from [THE RAVENS] did commit [THE BREACH] many years past, so please do please do bear respect for what hath passed, and to the [GENUINE TEXTS] where from the technology of the [VIOLETS] hath been discovered in those [GENUINE TEXTS], stolen and [BELOW] amassed, one of the [VIOLETS] so named for each [VIOLET DOOR], the most well-known secret of [THE BURROW], the secret behind [ONE ONE ONE FOUR].

[P.D. Illustration by John Tenniel of the Court below at the trial of the Knave of Hearts, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland]