The founding of Thebes by CADMUS and EUROPA wherein the former at the instruction of Phoebus Apollo went to Delphi to find the lost princess Europa, then together went on to follow a cow who laid down at the spot where the Greek city of Thebes sprang forth,

The naming of Europe and the search of Agenor and Telephassa, where in one tell Phoenician, and children of whom above lost to Zeus appearing as a white bull, white bull, white bull, white city, Phoenician origin to one city and Egyptian to another,

DEUCALION and the Greek flood, eight days on the water, land at Parnassus where they are instructed by Hermes to cover the face and cast the bones of their mother, and doing so throw stones in analogy for the stones the bones of mother earth, the tossed stones became people and the world was repeopled,

PROMETHEUS and EPIMETHEUS, pandora given as wife to latter as punishment by Zeus, clay woman artifice given power of speech by Hermes to deceive and betray mankind, clothed by Athene, made by Hephaestus, the sin of exactly, all the plagues of the world fly out, eponymous box,

PELASGIANS, the most ancient people of the Italian peninsula, megalith builders from asia minor to Spain, Rome originally Pelasgian settlement, all the coasts of Italy were held by and thought to be colony of Greek place name of this tribe come before and co-exist with Etruria and pre-classical Greece, gone except for the ruins, The Cyclopean ruins are their only monument, the twelve towns in these areas each of Pelasgic origin more symbolic than first apprehend a migratory body of tribes from where but the steppe and beyond and older and maybe we have a haplogroup unknown, “Dark deeds of blood are vaguely hinted at.” Unliked apparently,

They worshipped the subterrene gods who give the wealth of the field and the mine. They loved the earth for its gold and its corn. The worship of the dragons, the serpent-gods, the great and violent ages of transformation and destruction, such as the wind, the storm, the fire, seemed to them (their enemies) the worship of magicians rather than of men. Ridpath, HISTORY OF THE WORLD, Vol. II, pp. six ninety-five

Earthquakes in divers places, volcanoes, drought, plague, Italian habitation eliminated by all manner of invader and slavery and assimilation into warring Greek tribes ends Pelasgian era,

Conjuro & confirmo super vos,

The conjuration & confirmation concerning you, the Holy Angels, through the name, Cados, Cados, Cados, Eschereie, Eschereie, Eschereie, Hatim ya, declare the strength of the order, Cantine, Jaym, Janic, Anic, Calbat, Sabbac, Berifay, Alnaym and by the name Adonay, He created the creeping fish in the water, the birds on the face of the Earth, flying towards Heaven on the fifth day, through the priest serving in the sixth seal before the holy Angels, and great and powerful leader, by the name of the Planet Jupiter, and his sign through the name of the most High, Adonay, all creation and by the name of all the Planets, by virtue of the power of all the names above, the Conjuration of Sachiel the Great Angel, who is in charge of Jovian work of the day for me &c., the Conjuration of the Lord’s Day, thy will be done as on Earth so it was in Heaven, give us this day our daily bread, from the Latin we hath read and made the effort of all time to make the words proper sign and signification of what is the day for Iupitera as we say in the Ooutremer the Treader makes a better play for the place the sky a disgrace when the Angels are not in their place seen and heard the weathers and the bird come back to the Oout and behave, behave, behave, the day in the Realm of the one of three Realms that we see, one, the Middleworld of men and their lives, two, the underworld of the dead Hades do not arise, and three, the Ooutremer, the place of Mystery and the greatest Infamy for the Treaders that would be the fleet of ship and sea that make waves in waters and graves all throughout space no doubt there it is there it is alone the place of biggest open void to be where fit all the biggest, baddest, worst, best and the brightest places for technology the lightest and made for war not at all, why the weather took a Great Fall and brought back from the brink, the outer realms and we think we have made the point of the third Realm does not disappoint.