“Only five transits of Venus are known to have occurred in the history of mankind, in 1639, 1761, 1769, 1874, 1882,”

Are we sure we know what we are on about, furthermore the author here in the article referenced below, on the alleged frequency and history of the transits of venus across the Sun, furthermore the author in 2003 makes the claim that further transits of venus, or something else entirely, whatever it may be, will occur in 2004 and 2012, and furthermore again, we have led to believe that some aspect of the period of the cycle of Venus forms a pentagram or something like a pentagram inscribed within a circle whereby each of the five points of that form that connect with a great circle are to be perceived as the transit points of Venus in a cycle that deceives even the Moon, thank you much indeed, these dates may be nonsense, what are we on about, this is a science, not exactly, reproduce the results, we don’t trust much of this at all unless we see it on camera recorded and at least perceived to be with some fidelity truthful to a degree whereby we may watch some Entity transit the corona of the Sun,

James Short, 1761, this we read is the origin year and personage who derived the astronomical unit of ninety three million miles from the alleged transit of venus in that year we are highly skeptical, we are highly skeptical that anything of the sort happened at all, at all, and we are reminded of Jefferson’s trip to the building of Christopher Wren whereby the octagonal great room was shown to him by no less than two members of the royal society, royal society that here in astronomy is purported to play the leading role in the day of preparing the scientific community for observation of the coming transit, transit of venus, which occurs so infrequently that it is thus so rare as to occur when we said above as per the historical record that we perceive is an accurate record of, maybe in part at least, that being the article below referenced and curious at that, this from the south dakota school of mines and technology, rapid city, indeed, whatever it is they need, Venus, herself, possibly in three thousand one hundred sixty year cycles, three hundred ninety five eight year cycles, see the second link below for some clarification on where these numbers come from, thank you very much, that’s all you got, ok, no, two hundred twenty five day period of revolution in the sky, as observed from the Earth, Venus is confusing and possibly disturbing all sensical attempts to observe her cycles which are the true transits of Venus, seen by yours truly we believe, something the royal society is not capable of understanding, they are not very well liked by the Luminary,

The angle of the path of Venus to the Sun’s path in the Heavens is inclined by 3.4 degrees, thank you much indeed.


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